Taregeting the Civilians

On the 6th of November, when the British Forces entered the city and met a resistance from both the people and the Fadeyeens and as a result of the bitter battles, the British Forces began its hunt down campaign to capture and kill the Fadeyeens, the hunt campaign reached houses and even mosques where Women, Children and elder were hiding violating all the human rights agreements and ethic codes of targeting civilians.The most famous incident happened in the Abbassi Mosque or Abbasid Mosque one of the famous and biggest mosques in the city of Port Said, On that day women, children andAbasi mosque elder in it to seek protection from both destruction and invaders but the invaders did not leave them alone as the British forces entered the mosque ignoring all the facts like it is a religious place and the civilians in it, they entered searching for the Fadeyeens whom they found none of ,yet in their search they killed many civilians in the Mosque !!

Well this is another war crime

On that day the 6th, the homeless people in Port Said reached to a number over 5000, therefugees2 death toll, the real death toll as usually was far greater than the official one, and it is enough to see the pictures to predict the size of the disaster

Till now we didn’t reach to the part concerning the Prisoners of war, well we ask to wait for another 5 more seconds because we believe that what happened in 1956 was more than a political crisis the world just remembers it as an example of world powers clashes and forgets that people died because this world powers clashes, died and left homeless because of some power domination.


We guess it is worth to mention that some British pilots in RAF shoot civilian fish boats as a sign of boredom and frustration!!

In A book this time by three authors we will know the shocking detail

The book is “Wings over Suez” and it is about the air battles between the Arabs mainly Egyptian and the Trio of Israel, UK and France ,it was written by three authors from Israel “Shlomo Aloni” and UK “Brian Cull” and “David Nicolle

In pages “298-299” you will find that British pilots with names, photos, ranks and even air fighters’ model numbers mentioned shoot fishing boats and fishermen because of boredom!!

According to that book one of the British Pilots was Flt Lt and B Flt Commander -ACM Sir David Harcourt-Smith whose photos were included in the book in the mentioned pages, flew a Venom FB4 of 8 Squadron aircraft, of the Royal Air Military Serial Registration Number (WR528/G) .

In the book the following was mentioned:

Meanwhile, Sqn Ldr Blyth (WR528/G) of 8 Squadron led a strike against Shallufa, Followed by an armed reconnaissance of the Ismailia/al-Qantara area in company with Flt Lt Harcourt Smith (WR528/G).

They overflow a lagoon in which several fishing boats were observed: “suddenly I saw a lot of stuff coming from the Boss’s aircraft. He was shooting at the boats. I followed suit. Perhaps we shouldn’t have shot at them. We knew it was strictly forbidden to fire at civilians. It may have been a sign of frustration.

For the last few days the campaign had seemed to be without any real purpose. There were virtually no opposition, but we were still waiting for a D-Day style landing. I recall wondering why we didn’t just drop a few Paras with their jeeps and tell them to drive down the Canal with a Union Jack. Simple thoughts of a humble Flight Lieutenant.

By the way that incident was seen by several witnesses and was reported by the Egyptian authorities at then, yet the British Forces denied it!!!

Another incident was recorded this time from the Vatican memory issued in their web magazines issued in the occasion of the millennium, we will find the memoirs of an old Journalist who traveled the world in the times of war and horror to cover the agonies of the people in those hard time, Mr. Igor Man wrote in his articleJESUS CHRIST, The figure of the innocent amid the horrors of wars about his memories in the war of 1956 the following.

Here’s another memory: Port Said, 1956, the Suez Crisis.

A group of journalists rented a boat to get to Port Said by sea; it was at the time occupied by British parachutists under General Stockwell.

At the entrance to the port, they started shooting at us. One bullet pierced the forehead of an Egyptian woman, who had got a ride with us. She was with her child, and they wanted to get to the rest of the family. The bullet that pierced her forehead made the blood squirt out like it was coming out of a bottle. She was holding her child by the hand. We knew right away that for the women it was over.

But the child looked like she was sleeping. But, when we touched her we knew she was dead. Even her. I don’t know how. Maybe her small scared heart, gave way, just like sometimes the hearts of kittens gives up.

It took us a while to untangle their clasped hands. Olive-like where the ones of the young mother, white as wax were the ones of the child

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