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On the Canal shore at Port Said 1956

The year of 1956 was the year of the famous Suez War better known in the world as the Suez Crisis .The war was between Egypt and UK, France and Israel .Three countries declared war on Egypt since the 29th of October 1956 when Israel started its invasion to the Gaza Strip and Sinai. There in Sinai terrible war crimes happened against both the Egypt military officers and soldiers and the Egyptian Civilians The War crimes of 1956 were the first to appear on the surface not in Egypt unfortunately but in Israel itself as you will know In that terrible war. The war crimes didn’t occur from the Israeli side only but also from the British and French sides too Both British army and French army did what is considered in international laws now war crimes fortunately here after 51 years we got the documents and evidences that expose these terrible war crimes against the Egyptian

The war crimes in 1956 can be classified as crimes against the Egyptian POWs and crimes against the Egyptian civilians, both crimes are horrible, and are criminalized by the international laws and agreements.

Life cover
Life Cover 1956

The difficulty of 1956 war aka Suez War is that its time period is small relatively it only took two months exactly, and thus it seemed to many that it was fallen from the international memory, which only remembers it as an international political crisis, ignoring the fact that thousands were killed, injured and became homeless because of that political crisis

The War Crimes:
  1. The Israeli Defense forces War crimes.
  2. The French army war crimes.
  3. The British army war crimes.
  4. Documentaries

We would like in the end thanks to Dear Late Journalist Jamil Aref and Dr. Yahia El-Shaer whose Website and books were very helpful as references to prepare this section

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