Buried Alive

On the 7th of March 2007 ,Egyptian daily El-Ahram published a testimony of a palestinain old man who lived and witnessed the war of 1956 and terrible war crimes against the Egyptian POWs in Sinai

Mr. Hafez Ali Hafez Hegazy “77 years old” called the newspaper in order to share with the public his terrible experience as a witness on a terrible crime that took place from 50 years ago.

His testimony begins in 1956 when he tried to run away from Gaza to Egypt when the invasion of Gaza began to take place , unfortunately Hegazy 1956he was captured by the IDF in Al-Arish , they accused him to be from the “Fadyeen” despite he was n’t and he even carried a personal id that confirmed that he worked as a Jaintor in Cairo in a newspaer called “El-Kahira” yet they didn’t believe him .

For 20 days he kept in some tent where he was tortured so bad that the remarks of the torture are still there on his body , he remembers the place as near from the sea coast.

During his capture he swears that he saw between 60 and 70 Egyptian and Palestinians POWs , some of them were militarys and some of them were civilians. They were blindfolded and their hands were tied. During that time the Israeli Bulldozers made big holes in order that the Israelis soliders would throw between 10 and 15 POWs those holes to BURY THEM ALIVE !!

He was set free after that and had to walk on foot from El-Arish to East Kantara from whole 6 nights

end of the testimony

Burrying them alive !!!

As I said this was pulished in Cairo in Daily Al-Ahram on the 7th of March 2007 in the 3rd page concerning the reports , it was written by Journalist “Jihan Abd El-Salam Awad” and the photograh of Mr. Hegazy was taken by “Sherif Mahmoud”