Dream TV

Egyptian Private Channel Dream TV on the Nile Sat and its popular Night News TV “10 PM” covered the Egyptian POWs affair in a way that no other Egyptian or Arabic channel , may be Al-Jazeera from several years ago

Here are clips form two very important special episodes from the TV Show in year 2007 dedicated completely to the Egyptian POWs affair in 1967

  • The first one was in the month of April when the Shaked affair was brought up , the TV show hosted Egyptian POW Veterans and citizens of Al-Arish city who shared their horrible experience regarding the war crimes of the IDF they had witnessed and lived

Unfortunately now the espisode is in Arabic and also it is long , I am sorry but I could not make any shorter ,hopefully I will in the future , the episode is from Four parts

[veoh v8037168RETCZMb]

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  • This group of clips are from the popular TV show “10 pm” on dream TV Egyptian Channel , they are from the documentary that was produced by the TV show under the title “The day had just passed” in the anniversary of the six days war , this important documentary includes the testimony of former 1967 and 1973 wars veteran Osama Sadek who has a powerful experience about the six days war already included in the Egyptian testimonies section , of course there are other persons and testimonies in the documentary , unfortunately it is in Arabic but insh Allah soon I will translate the script ;thanks to my friend O2A I was able to add it without his help I don’t know what to do

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