This section is dedicated to films and documentaries that were made about the Egyptian POWs

  • This one is from Al-Jazeera news channel , it is a short news report made for the six days anniversary ,the speaker is a war veteran who witnessed the war crimes against the Egyptian POWs

  • This one is from the INA French Archives,I can’t post it here but instead here is a link , it is from 1967 and it shows the Israeli forces with a blinded Egyptian POW ,an officer who was interrogated “Thank Seg”
  • This documentary is also from the INA French Archives under the name “La guerre des sept jours” {The war of the seven days}((I thought they were six days only))
  • This one is from the Orbit network famous show “Cairo today”, it is part of the background silent movie while “Amr Adeeb” was talking with one of the guests,it shows the bodies of the POWs and some of the POWs alive , how they were captured and so, it has very bad scenes

  • This one is from 1967 , the Universal news , of course it is a western pro-Israeli production , it didn’t show any killing or what so ever but in the beginning there was some footage for the Egyptian POWs

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