Deny and lie

The worst thing in this whole tragedy is that the Israelis don’t only deny that they committed war crimes against our soldiers despite their own confessions but they also lie and say that we, the Egyptians committed war crimes against their soldiers which are absolutely as untrue.

In September 1995 when the confessions of the Israeli commanders began to surface boasting with what they had from crimes not against our men but against the humanity ,the Foreign ministry spokesman then Yigal Palmor said in a respond for criticism:

We know that the Israeli prisoners were killed many times in the past. Without accepting them, atrocities are part and parcel of the past .The Egyptians can not claim moral superiority to criticize us while ignoring whatever their own side did

Accusing us of committing war crimes against their soldiers, with my all respect all the world knows very well if a single Israeli POW is killed, Israel will not shut up till it turns it in to some kind of a genocide against the whole Jewish population not only the IDF and we all know very well what happened in July 2006 when Israel declared war against Lebanon because of the capture of its soldiers

With my all respect yes we claim moral superiority because our soldiers are not blood thirst killers, our soldiers have their morals and traditions old as our army and history can testify for us very well along with the red cross ,the same red cross Israel trusts

The problem is that every time we speak they answer back with these false claims, from few months when the Shaked affair was brought again to live thanks to the Israeli Television, the same TV made a documentary where some Israeli veterans claimed that they had seen the Egyptian forces killing their buddies in the Yom Kippur war!!

I am afraid they were lying because that happened they would be silent all that time and suddenly to talk about , they were lying a big lie because the treatment of the Israeli POWs in the Yom Kippur war 1973 was a first class one and everybody knows that from those lived the war from both sides

It is enough to know that in the Yom Kippur war 1973 the Egyptian army organized trips for the Israeli POWs to see the Egyptian touristic attraction in Cairo and Giza and the Egyptian army thank Goodness knew that that day would come and thus it is keeping the records with names and numbers in the right dates so one would come and say nonsense

From the day one in 1973 the Egyptian army informed the Red Cross with the Israeli POWs it had so it would inform the Israeli army; it didn’t wait for a whole month until it would be generous enough to tell the red cross that they got Israeli POWs suffering and dying from diseases and mistreatment in some prison in upper Egypt just like the Israeli army did with our POWs, the remaining of our POWs in the infamous Atlit camp!!

Surprisingly in the famous interview of Egypt’s former first lady and Israel friendly MRS. Gihan El-Sadaat with Al-Aljazeera channel which is also available as a book ,the Peace calling lady remembered very well how the officers in the military hospital asked her during her visits for our injured during the month of October 1973 to visit the section of the Israeli injured POWs as a good gesture to prove that nothing bad would happen to them as they were afraid that the Egyptians would revenge from them and the lady refused ,she refused so much despite her act I don’t think that the Israeli army thought of inviting the Israeli first lady to visit the Egyptian POWs in Atlit in their wooden cells back in 1967 !!!

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