Atlit “Atalya” prison

Atlit” camp , a name that thousand of Egyptian and Arab POWs didn’t forget and don’t forget till now, it is in north of Israel between Haifa and Tel Aviv, it was in a small village of “Atlit”. Strangely in Wikipedia they didn’t mention that it was a compound for the Arab POWs of 1967 with thousand of Egyptians who tortured and died there. It is known among the Arabs and Egyptian POWs as “Atalya” prison, digging here and there about the name difference “I don’t really why” I found that “Atalya” was the name of the daughter of king Ahab, a name of Princess how ironic, any how the camp may be closed now but its name opens bad memory for thousands of men in Egypt There are many testimonies about the ill treatment that the considered against international laws, agreement and human valueshospitalized!! and ethics in that camp, horrible living testimonies that made me choose the word prison instead of camp as the Israelis like to call it, it was not a camp for POW where they got medical care, food and water like the IDF propaganda said and is saying now, it was not like the couple of images Israel released after the war to deny any mistreatment what so ever just like this photo  that was taken on the 26th of June according to the Israelis You know the “Atalya” prison and what happened in it is what made interested since last year, since exactly the 4th of 2005 when I saw and heard the terrible experience of former POW “Fouad Hegazy” who wrote down that experience in book ,already many parts in the following will be passed upon it insh Allah “Atalya” prison hosted if it was the correct word inside thousands of Egyptian and Arab from Syrian, Jordanian and Palestinian POWs, yet the Syrians and Jordanians left earlier leaving thousands of Egyptian Soldiers alone for several months I won’t speak more; I will let the people the living testimonies speak about themselves about the reality of what happened inside the walls of “Atalya” Prison.

Dr. Abd El-Kadr Nahnosh, former armor officer and POW currently working as a professor for modern history in El-Fayoum University in an interview with

We were taken to Israel to “Atlit” POW camp and there we found 5000 Egyptian POWs, 500 officers and 4500 soldiers. We took off our Egyptian Military clothes and they gave us Israeli Military clothes to wear instead. Through the year we spent there in “Atlit” we saw different kinds from the physical and psychological torture, there was nothing there except insult and torture, they would tell us “what did Nasser do to you?? He left you to die like dogs in the mountains” .The food there was a little piece of bread, a glass of water and some other bad old food, very bad and old. The sleep place was in a wooden room, its space was only 3 meters and 20 officers would sleep there. The interrogations continued over and over in order to know from us detailed information about the units of the Egyptian army and its commandership

Sergeant Amin Ramadan Abdel Rahman, a former POW in interviews for TV show 90 minutes and El-Masry El-Youm daily newspaper in March 2007

After I was transferred to Atlit prison I saw the torture of 400 Egyptian POWs, they used snakes, electricity, boiled oil and whips. It didn’t stop at here. The Israelis took the organs and kidneys of the Egyptian POWs to use them in their hospitals, there were medical official visits done by their doctors, they always chose the good healthy POWs in those visits, those POWs by time disappeared as they were used as storage house for human replace parts!!

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  1. Egyptian lier Atlit was an Hilton you get Fresh Pitta extra for your own backery for breakfast and Milware. your wounded hadbeen wel treated in civil Hospital better then in your own country compare to our PWS you killed in prison about 80 torture beaten
    I was General Sharon and I took hunderds in POW fed them with Glush cannes gave the Cigarettes and water

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