Various Egyptian Testimonies

This is a group of Egyptian testimonies from former POWs and civilians from Sinai and Palestine who witness the mass murder and ill treatment that are against international laws and agreements , these testimonies were published publicly

Mohamed Abd El-Tawab Othman

A civilian, Captured on the 6th of June 1967 in an area near Al-Arish

We were gathered in the “Al-Arish” airport on the 8th of June 1967.They ordered us to sleep over each other in the aircraft hangers and in next morning 70 POWs were dead from suffocation. They were buried in holes in the floor of the airport then they threw Lime on them. In “Al-Arish” airport they ordered us to gather about 400 Egyptian POWs injured and put them in the IDF trucks, they ordered us to bury them alive and throw Lime on them.

His Testimony continues to reveal more shocking facts

While in “Beersheba” camp, the IDF soldiers gathered 100 Egyptian officers POWs who were blinded by a piece of black cloth around their eyes while their hands were up, they kept hitting them with sticks till they made them reach to the Wall Shooting in the camp, of course the POWs didn’t know where they were led to till they stood in one line, then the Israeli Soldiers opened their fires and killed them all immediately. They were forcing “us” the civilians to bury them in holes and close these holes with Lime with out any remarking signs or names

Ayman Abd El-Rahman  Mohamed

A Veteran Soldier in the Infantry, Captured on the 6th of June 1967

I was a member in the 118 infantry Bridge which surrounded to the IDF on the 6th of June 1967, they ordered us to take off our military uniforms and we were only with the under wears without any arm. We were all very thirsty and we asked for water to drink, the IDF told us that the officers would go first, and so the officers went first to drink, they stood around the water in a big circle then suddenly the IDF soldiers opened their fires on them, I saw some of them whose blood was spilling from them heavily, Some of them were twisting from pain before taking their last breathe. After finishing the rest of the officers’ ranks, they began to kill the soldiers who knew how to read and write…300 POWs were killed in one second and the bulldozers buried them.

Mohamed Hamaza Mustafa Alwan

A Veteran soldier, Captured in the “Sour Lakes” area on the 6th of June 1967

In the area of “Lobuna Mount” in Sinai, the IDF ordered a group of Egyptian Soldiers to surrender. They were about 150 soldiers from different units and as soon as they had surrendered, the Israelis tanks came after them and crashed them

Abd El-Salam Mohamed Moses

A veteran soldier, in October 1995, Mr. Moses went along with an Egyptian investigation committee to “Al-Arish” airbase.

On the 7th and the 8th of June 1967 the number of the Egyptian POWs reached to more than 3000 POWs . The Zionists screened them one after one, they got the commandos, the parachutists and the Liberation army men from them. They divided them in to batches; each batch contained 10 persons who were executed by the firing squad, after that they would ask from the others to dig mass graves and bury the martyrs in a distance near from the surface. About 300 POWs were killed all in front of my eyes and they were buried all in the same place. Already I myself buried more than 20 bodies of the Egyptian POWs in the base during three days.

Fahamy Mohamed El-Iraqi

A former POW

After our capture, the Israeli soldiers began to search us and took from us our watches and money, all our possessions were taken by force. They took us to the “Heroes” Station and there was a countless number of Soldiers there reaching for several thousands . We were suffering from the shortage of food they were giving to us; hundreds of us died because of the Lack of nutrition .Anyone who dared to complain were killed immediately.

Mahmoud Chahin El-Sayed

A former POW

I had been in “El-Hasna” Camp for a whole week with food or water. The number of the POWs was about 2000 from the officers and soldiers, many of them were killed because only they asked for water. When they transferred us to “Beersheba” Camp, they let us to drink for once in the morning and they gave each 5 Soldiers one loaf of bread and an onion.

Amin Abd El-Rahman Atia

A former  POW

I had been interrogated more than 10 times; they put me in solitary detention. I was asked about the arming of the Egyptian army, about the kinds of artillery we had then. They hit me with electric cables; they released the dogs on me. They even seduced me with drugs and women. They then crucified me and whipped me; they put a thick stick in my genitals

Taha Ahmad Mohamed Hamad

A former POW

After our capture, the Israeli soldiers ordered us to lie down on the floor over our stomachs, and we were about 5000 soldiers and 1500 officers. The Israeli soldiers were throwing to us the loaves of bread and as soon as we hurried to get them they would open their fires on us

Togian Shoiab Jiad

A former POW and citizen of Sinai

The Israeli soldiers kept hitting us with the back of their rifle guns that till now I suffer slide prolapse in my back, they hanged the Star of David over our overalls that we were wearing. I saw them hit some POWs with Napalm in their faces.

Mohamed Samir Munib

A veteran War general who was heading the Egyptian POWs in Atlit Prison

In “Beersheba” Camp we were gathered, they called the POWs and then they would kill them and we wouldn’t see them or their bodies again. During our transfer to “Attila” camp near from “Haifa” the cars would stop in crowded areas with Israelis so they could spit and throw stones on us.

Hassen Hussein El-Malah

From the people of Sinai

The Israeli soldiers were gathering the Egyptian POWs in trucks fooling them that they would transfer them by buses to the Canal Zone. They would order them to stand in rows and their faces to the sea side, opening their fires from the back, leaving them killed. That process continued with several patches of POWs whose approximate number reached about 3000 POWs. Those bodies were on the surface of the each from more than 10 days until some of the people from the area succeeded to bury them.

The Source of that group of testimonies is Al-moarekh website and Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Latif

Sergeant Amin Ramadan

A former POW

The Israelis Soldiers tied the Egyptian officers’ hands and feet from behind in El-Hasna Camp, they lied them down on the ground and then they ordered the tanks to move over their bodies, the tanks crushed their skulls and squashed their flesh in the desert sand. There was also a dirty trick made by the officer charge of the camp as he prohibited the POWs from water for a whole week that is seven days, and then he let the officers only go and drink in order to know their ranks and identities, as soon as they went to drink water, they were killed by gun machines under the water tanks. Ben-eliezer had his share despite his denial as he ordered to prohibit the Egyptians from drinking and to take off the shoes we were using in order to drink from out the side the camp

Sergeant Amin continues to share his terrible experience and exposed another scandal that definitely must be classified as a war crime

The Israelis took the organs and kidneys of the Egyptian POWs to use them in their hospitals, there were medical official visits done by their doctors, they always chose the good healthy POWs in those visits, those POWs by time disappeared as they were used as storage house for human replace parts!!

Sergeant Amr El-Farmawy

A former POW

The Israelis intended to kill the Egyptian POWs, they used international prohibited substances and weapons in order to hunt them down then they used Napalm to kill them. They were also careful to humiliate us day and night; I always remember the hits I took when I used to clean the remaining of the Israeli soldiers’ food. I was sick once and I suffered from a typhoid fever and injuries all over my body yet they didn’t care and left me without any medical care what so ever. The Israeli commander of the camp used to go in the morning to see the military rows and choose 10 POWs everyday giving the orders of his soldiers to kill them.

The source of these testimonies is Daily El-Masry Youm Newspaper published on the 10th of March 2007 in Cairo in page 5

Dr. Abd El-Kadr Nahnosh

A former Armor officer and currently a professor of modern History in El-Fayoum University

My story with capture started on the 8th of June 1967, on that day we were beside the Miles Military base in Sinai Peninsula and we were surprised by the IDF attack. A Squadron of the Air fighters came and destroyed the Armor Battalion I was serving at, it didn’t stop at there only the fighters continued its attack as it continued the chase behind us in the mountains, we were walking without any arms yet they continued to fire bolts from their machine guns, very few of us made it from the battalion, I and three other soldiers were from those few survivors. We walked for 20 days in the mountain , during those 20 days we saw thousands of dead bodies of Martyrs here and there, not to mention the injured; the unarmed injured who were hunted down on the face of earth by the IAF. We went to a place to hide in it from death and it was a cache with a water well, it was about 15 Kilo meters away from the city of Suez. Yet we were captured by the Israeli soldiers surprisingly and we then had no weapon or ammunition or food because we run out ammunition so our arms didn’t have any importance and so we buried them in the desert. We were handcuffed and put in open trucks then they gathered us in an area that is called Beer El-Hama near the city of Al-Arish, there we found about 500 Egyptian Soldier POWs whom we joined. There in Beer El-Hama a group of soldiers requested water and food so they would not die from hunger or thirst, yet the Israeli soldiers answered by opening their gun machines on them randomly that they killed what was near of 100 soldier, who survived from us didn’t survive because they run out ammunition but it was only a matter of luck that saved him from the fire. This incident is still in front of my eyes as if it took place yesterday and I still remember my colleagues whose bodies were penetrated by bolts and they were POWs didn’t have any weapon and were supposed to be treated the POWs treatments as the international agreement implied so.

Dr.Nahnosh’s testimony continues as he remembered what happened in Atlit prison yet I thought it would be better to include the information and testimonies regarding Atlit prison to together The source of this testimony is Al-Arabiya.Net , it was published on the 11th of March 2007,and was complied from Cairo by Journalist El-Sayed Ziad

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