? Egyptian POWs in their way to the unknown

What happened in the 1967 war as known in the Arab world or the six days war as known in the rest of the world is a crime against humanity history and it can’t simply ignore it

Thousands of Egyptians POWs from the Egyptian army were not only suffering from a bitter defeat but also from a cruel enemy who didn’t respect any human value what so ever

Thousand of Egyptian POWs till now are reported to be missing their families across Egypt don’t know after decades what exactly happened them and where they are buried in Sinai

The files concerning the POW are so many , it is not only concerned with the POWs in Sinai but also with what happened during the transfer to the Atlit military prison in north Israel and the inhuman conditions the POWS suffered from in this prison.

The POWs of 1967 file is not from the open wounds in the history of Egypt but the history of mankind

The files of 1967 “Six days” Wars :

  1. Al-Arish

  2. The Shaked Affair

  3. Al-Ahram Expedition

  4. USS Liberty

  5. Various Egyptian Testimonies

  6. Various Israeli testimonies

  7. Atlit Prison

  8. The language of Numbers

  9. Photos

  10. Films

  11. Deny and Lie

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