As usual the Israeli Defense forces did war crimes in the war of 1956, it was not an exceptional to act nasty as we used to know since from 1948, sorry even before the war of 1948 thanks to the Zionist gangs

And it wasn’t strange to me to find that our dear ol’ pal Ariel Sharon got a record in the war crimes of 1956, forget Kafr Kassam for Now and forget the famous Kadima calling check this out

It seemed to me that Sharon started his genocide against the Egyptian P.O.W in 1956

From , an essay by Dave Himmelstein “seems a Jew to me from his name” under the title “Drawing the Line” published in the year 2005, we find the following

“Three years later, during Israel Suez military campaign an overeager Sharon defied instructions and sent paratroopers into an ambush in the Sinai desert’s in Mitla pass. Later troops under his command went on to execute over 200 Egyptian prisoners of was as admitted decades later by a retired army general who had served under Sharon at the time”

Why I am not surprised!!??

Well I wasn’t surprised when I read about the mass murder of the Egyptian P.O.W and to say the truth I used to think they were from the Egyptian army but the big surprise and shock, yes shock when I know that they were civilians and their number may not be 200, no you can add another 0 to the 200.

Now check this out from The University of Dartmouth, from their special programs about the middle east affairs and its section concerning the part of the past and present of the region under the section of witnesses ,you will find a group of translated articles ,that were translated from Hebrew to English by Dr Israel Shahak ,the famous Israel human rights activist who was shocked when Ben Guerin announced the establishment part of King David and Solomon kingdom in 1956 and since then he turned upside down to criticize Zionism publicly in Israel after 1967 and even attacked the Jewish religion and its history “The book is available in too”


The mass murders that happened in 1956 were exposed by journalist Amir Oren who was working as a military correspondent for the Israeli newspaper then “Davar” ,  and now by the way he works as a military correspondent for Haaretz,the IDF and the Israeli government couldn’t stop the publish of these articles due to prior publications according to Shahak, the articles were then re-published as I guess and compiled by journalist and writer Ronal Fisher in Israeli famous Tabloid “Maariv” on August the 8th 1995.

By the way this report by Ronal Fisher included important testimonies by important Israeli Military historians Uri Milstein and Meir Pa’il who hardly agree on anything as Fisher said, agreed on what happened in November 1956

Meir Pe’il

Meir Pa’il is a very famous military history and academic, a Knesset Member who is accused by Milstein to be the man behind the Dir Yassin -over estimation-as a part of a political party revenge

A side remark about the Massacre of Dir Yassin , well it did happen and we had in our neighborhood an old Palestinian who survived that horrible massacre

Another thing the following articles are provoking and sad , with bitter facts about Egyptians who lost their lives and their government and regime through the different 3 leaderships didn’t give a damn for them at all , they were not army soldiers and officers like in 1967 but they were Egyptian public works employees from the civil engineering, some of them if not most of them were wearing white Jellabas you know the road workers ,I won’t call them poor people , but instead they were our people from upper Egypt and Delta 🙁

Here in the site, we include the complete report, the complete confessions by ex generals, officers and soldiers who either saw or participated in Mitla’s crossing Massacre and Ra’s Sadr not to mention the road to Sharm, and they were Egyptians, Palestinians and even Sudanese too in the death toll, I didn’t change one single letter in the following report as it was translated by late Dr. Israel Shahak whom I really respect very much

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