Way to Atlit

At last exclusively thanks to our dear friend O2A we got the most important and earliest Arabic documentary that was produced from several years ago regarding the Egyptian POWs. The documentary itself is an evidence that war crimes had happened against the Egyptian POWs during the wars of 1956 and 1967. It was an early cry that included the testimonies of Egyptians and also Israelis , Israeli writer like Amir Oren and former Israeli veteran David Wolf are speaking about the Sharm El-Sheikh affair in 1956 , Egyptian Physician Dr.Ahmed El-Fangary spoke about the horror and war crimes he had witnessed in Gaza in 1956.

Egyptian veterans from 1967 spoke about their terrible experience whether in the capture or whether in Atlit prison ,with very important accusations that the IDF took the organs of the Egyptian POWs

the documentary also included the opinions of Egyptian law makers including late opposition leader Yassin Serg El-Din

This valuable documentary which came before the Rush Shaked was produced by Al-Jazeera News Channel as a special episode in the TV Show “Top Secert” prepared and presented by Youssry Fouad ,this episode sparkled lots of talk ,especially it included footage for Egyptian POWs being humiliated awfully I have never seen it before , it also worth mentioning that it was very rare to find this episode ,already it was not rewinded ,I lost hope to find it actually.

This documentary came after the first time the POWs affair was exposed in year 1995 by the way

The documentary is in Arabic for now ,I am currently working to get an Egyptian subtitle for it soon insh Allah

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