A Must thank you

This website is not a single person effort ,on the contrary many people contributed it whether directly is my duty to thank them for their help With no order or arrangement after I believe in the Arabic old proverb “he who does not thank people ,does not thank Allah “God” 

Egyptian Blogger O2A for his great help and generous spirit

Egyptian Blogger Bent Masrya for her great contribution in the website

Egyptian Blogger Kabeer for leading me to find the Rush Shaked

Egyptian Novelist and blogger Mohamed for his wonderful short story

The Bloggers-Eg group support and inspiration

Dr. Yahia El-Shaer for his great support and information

Egyptian Novelist Mr.Raouf Masaad for his information about the POWs in 1956

Dear French Friend Seg

US Navy James Ennes for his information

My late Grand father who wrote about the case of the Egyptian POWs

And I would like also to thank those who contributed indirectly to this website

Dream TV especially the crew of the popular TV show “10 PM” {I am sorry that I took the documentaries without their permission}

Al-Jazeera News Channel and Mr.Youssry Fouad {I am sorry that I took the documentaries without their permission too}

The Israeli TV for Producing Rush Shaked { I am not sorry that I found the documentary}

Egyptian and Arabic Newspapers and Magazines

International Photo agencies

Mr. Osama El-Sadak whom I wish to meet one day

Late Dr. Israel Shahak

And the man who opened my eyes to the lost rights of the Egyptian POWs since 2006 Mr. Fouad Hagazy



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