Who are we?? Well It doesn’t matter, you don’t need know simply because what is this website is about is much important than names and profiles.
If you are so curious and interested so much to know about us , well it is enough to tell you that we are simply Egyptians , our names and ages are not that important ,it is enough to know that we are Egyptians trying not even to restore some lost rights but only to remember.
To remember that from 40 years ago the desert sands of Sinai were watered by the Egyptian pure flash and blood of thousands of innocent  prisoners of War.
Against all international agreement, against all human values and morals, they were killed in a cold blood and buried in inhuman way, in a crime that no less than the war crimes in the WWII.

But the big difference is not in the date Ladies and Gentlemen, nor in who was the victim and who was the victimizer
The main difference is that those P.O.W are seemed to be forgotten from the international and national memory as if they were never existed before
What we are trying to do here is just an attempt to keep them in the memory of both the Egyptian and the international community,

may be one day their rights will return

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