The language of numbers

Believe or not till now we don’t know exactly the number of those who were lost or even killed in the six days war 1967, deception since day one was the rule. After all these years exactly 40 years we don’t know how many Egyptians were lost during the war or were captured or were killed , there was no certain piece of information available to the Egyptian public and the world regarding the numbers ,of course the numbers of the killed and missing are also treated by special carefulness by the government ,some of the greatest democracies in the world may lie ,hide and change number and thus not to affect the spirit of its people like the American administration whether during the Vietnamese war in the past or now during the invasion of Iraq , but in Egypt there is no need to hide the numbers simply because we won in the Yom Kippur war 1973 and we returned back whether by the force of arms or the force of Peace , so why not to reveal the number of our losses completely especially the current Egyptian regime of President Mubarak believes that our lost dignity was regained in the victories of the Yom Kippur war ,also this regime is not accountable for the losses of the six days war on the contrary so why they complete the hiding policy !!

Look to the language of number and you will understand what I mean

  • The official number of losses in the arm forces as President Nasser had announced were :

    • 5000 as followed :

1.1000 officers.

2. 35 pilots.

3. The rest were soldiers !!

  • There are several estimation for the real number of losses in six days wars. :

    1. There is one estimation says that we lost more than 15,000 Egyptian martyrs

    2. In the 25th anniversary late General El-Gamsi said that our losses were between 150,000 and 300,000

    3. In 2007 MP “El-Badry Fargaly” said in his talk in a lecture in a north Sinai on the day of “The Arabic POW” that the loss were between 10, 000 -15,000 half of them were missing.

    4. In 2007 Mr. “Mohamed Bassiouny” ,the author of the important book “The right of blood” ((This book is a very important document for the POWs issue as it includes testimonies for more than 320 POWs and 172 civilians. It was published in Cairo year 2007)) estimated the number of the Egyptian POWs killed in the war by 100,000 POWs :

      1. 65,000 were killed in Sinai

      2. 35,000 were killed in the way from Al-Arish to Atlit

      3. 5510 POWs came back in the end

    5. Former MP “Mohamed El-Badrashiny” in his letter to the speaker of the Egyptian assembly Fathi Sorror in 2000 estimated the number of the POWs killed to be more than100,000 too.

    6. In 2007 Mr. “Wahid El-Aksari” the head of “The Egyptian Arabic socialist” party and the lawyer of several POWs estimated the number of the POWs killed by 65,000

According to former POW “Hamada Abd El-Latif” the number of the Egyptian POWs registered with the Red Cross were 5500, including 500 officers while the rest which were then 50,000 were killed in cold blood whether in the consternations camps or after being arrested (( This number goes with what Mr.Bassiouny Said in his book regarding the 5510 POW))

From reading these estimations we can reach to an approximate number, first we must forget about the Nasserite official statement surely it was not 5000 at anyway, they were fooling themselves before the Egyptian People who knew very well the size of Catastrophe they were living, my Grand mother once told me that in June and July 1967 there was no single black cloth in Cairo as all the ladies bought the black clothes in, there was no single street without someone in the front

Also it is not 15,000 or 65000, my own belief from reading from different sources as you see I think it was more than 100,000, and in fact I do believe late Field Marshal “El-Gamsi” when he said from couple of years that we had lost what was between 100,000 and 300, 000, already the man was in the army, commander of the arms then a minister of war and thus all the documents and facts about the 1967 were under his hands.

Unfortunately some people may think that the Egyptian regimes across all these decades were not familiar by the numbers on the contrary since day one the Nasserite regime was familiar was all the numbers and losses we had and they were well known by what happened from the war crimes whether that had taken place in Sinai or in Atlit camp thanks to the Survivors from the officers, oldies and the POWs who had returned back home and interrogated according to the military traditions in 1968

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