Known Mass graves locations

These are the names of the locations where it was found mass graves for Egyptian POWs, most of them were revealed by the Israeli Newspapers back in year 1995!!

  • Medan Valley : There are mass graves for Egyptian POWs in Medan Valley in Sinai, south Ras Sadr hospital.
  • El-Hassan graveyard : At Beer Sheeba ((Beer Sheeba was having the concentration camps were the Egyptian POWs were gathered to be transferred later to Atlit)) in Israel there are the remaining of 100 Egyptian officers and soldiers buried in the El- Hassan graveyard.
  • Fragmented Mass graves : There are fragmented mass graves also in Al-Arish in the “El-Kassemiah” road.
  • Al-Arish air base : There are the remaining of 500 Egyptian POWs in its ground
  • Lobuna Mount Mass Graves : it contains not less than 800 Egyptian POWs
  • Al-Hasna area : It contains not less than 2000 Egyptian POWs
  • El-Kassaba mass grave : It contains not less than 60 Egyptian POWs
  • The Brazil camp : it contains 500 Egyptian POWs
  • Abi-Hakal Mass graves : It contains 800 Egyptian POWs

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