Al-Arish is a name of a city in North Sinai, in fact it is biggest city there on the Egyptian-Palestinian borders, and the fate in both wars “1956 and 1967” didn’t leave this beautiful quiet city that looks over the Mediterranean Sea with its white sands and long palm trees alone. In 1967 the people who are mainly from the Bedouin tribes witnessed along with the city itself saw the death sorry the murder of thousands of the Al-arish1Egyptian youth whose doomed fate made them the POWs of an enemy that doesn’t respect any convention or any human value what so ever. In Al-Arish Egyptian Soldiers and officers where buried live, where ordered to dig their graves and shot dead, where the bulldozers and tanks walked over their bodies, Al-Arish and its great people saw tragedies and agonies there and they didn’t forget in fact they speak and speak over and over because the rights of those humans should not be forgotten whether from time or whether by Peace conventions.

This section is dealing with the documented testimonies from Egypt and Israel regarding the war crimes that happened there.