Various Israeli Testimonies

These are various Israeli testimonies from People who served in the IDF during the 1967 six days war, these people are considered honest enough in their own country Israel.

Michael Bar-Zohar
  • Michael Bar-Zohar , a former Knesset member, author and historian who fought in 1967 told Israel Radio that he had personally witnessed the murder of three Egyptian POWs by a cook as published in ‘The Reactions of Journalists to the Army’s Murders of POWs’, Maariv, 17 August 1995.
  • Uri Milstein the famous military historian who is mentioned already in the 1956 IDF crimes section also was reported in the article of the associated press news agency in 1995 which spread the Aryeh Yitzhaki’s accusations to the IDF of committing war crimes against the Egyptian POWs as saying that there were many incidents in the 1967 war in which Egyptian Urisoldiers were killed by Israeli troops after they had raised their hands in surrender.

“It was not an official policy, but there was an atmosphere that it was okay to do it,Some commanders decided to do it; others refused. But everyone knew about it.”

  • Meir Pa’il , the historian and Knesset member who is also mentioned in the 1956 IDF war crimes section as a historian witness, already he said that he knew of many instances in which soldiers had killed POWs or Arab civilians ” Prior, 1999, pp. 209-210; Bar-On, Morris and Golani, 2002; Fisher, Ronal ‘Mass Murder in the 1956 War’, Ma’ariv, 8 August 1995. “
  • Yossi Sarid is a leftist Israeli who used to be a Knesset member  a former minister and long time member in the Merertez-Yachad leftist party in Israel. Mr. Sarid said in interview with Egyptian Daily Al Ahram last year 2007 that the Israeli army executed 250 unarmed Egyptian soldiers at the end of the 1967 war describing it as a war crime. Despite he did not see the controversial documentary that opened a big wound for Egyptians yet he said that he was aware that that the Israeli troops carried away out war crimes against Arab Soldiers in that War
  • I found this interesting testimony in a comment while reading in the Al-Ajzeera magazine , I know it is strange but ,it is very interesting , it is from a veteran Israeli paratrooper who lives in the United States now , Mr. Moti Nissani , already I found very familiar name from the 1956 Suez war and the massacres that happened in Sinai by his orders too General Eitan !! I will let Mr. Nissani speaks better:

I participated in the 1967 war as a member of a paratrooper division on the Israeli side, under the command of General Raphael (Raful) Eitan. To the best of my knowledge, after a relative of Raful died in that war, an order was given not to take live prisoners. So the carnage might have been more widespread than the one depicted in your article. That is the case in any war I’ve studied since. You brainwash kids, you tell them that killing is glorious, you scare them, and that is what you always get a murderer. It’s hypocritical to expect anything else. The real criminals are the politicians, the businessmen, and the media tycoons who profit from wars.

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