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As you have noticed the Egyptian POWs had experienced a couple of tough weeks , it was hacked and I had to restore it again , hopefully insh Allah this will not happen again.
Things are not currently stable in the website , I apologize for any inconvenience.
There are lots of news ,stories and photos coming soon in this website , so please wait for more updates to come 🙂

Little downtown time

I do not know what to say except I am sorry that the website is currently facing some strange problems you may have encoutered it lately.Since I upgraded to the New wordpress 2.5 I began to face a strange problem, the sections of 1956 and 1967 are no longer there and they were replaced by 404 Error page despite the fact they are already there. I am trying to fix the problem and I am sorry  for any inconvenience


Sorry for the lack of the updates in the past last couple of weeks I got busy with the referendum and the Arab Summit , the good thing that I got more and more coming in the way insh Allah

  1. The photos section in the 1967 is opened , from the photos you can see the huge numbers of the POWs and the humiliation they suffered from.
  2. The Laws section is updated with new information regarding the Camp David accords and the International crime court.
  3. The Al-Arish People testimonies section is also updated with several testimonies that go back to 1995

There is also a news update from Egypt regarding the official reaction , Mofid Shaab, the minister of legal affairs of the assembly said yesterday that Egypt requested the red cross to investigate the case officially, this statement came after accusations of the parliament members to the government and the foreign minister of being lazy

Source : AL-Masryon e-newspaper

Comment: This is not the first time Egypt requests the red cross to investigate and it is not the first time the red cross investigates the case ,it did in 1995 and already according to eye witnesses the red cross knew about the war crimes that happened in the six days war since 1967 , in 1995 they found mass graves and they didn’t do anything to be really mentioned .

Already this is not a bad step but not an effective one , it is essential to make the world believes us as our creditability is not as before and thus an international proof is required ,but we shouldn’t act as if it were the only way

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