A remembrance day again and again for the POWs

I won’t stop and I won’t give up simply because our great men were and are not less than anyone else

The Armenians celebrate the Armenian Genocide remembrance day on the 24th of April ever year

The British celebrate their remembrance day on the 11th of November every year

The Jews celebrate the Yom HaShoah on the 19th of April every year

And We Must celebrate our POWs who were killed in 1956 and in 1967 on the 5th of June Every year


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Egypt didn’t and won’t close the POWs file till the truth is revealed !!

I don’t know which one to believe the Egyptian foreign minister’s statement or the Israeli foreign minister’s statement 

The first says that the Egypt didn’t and won’t close the POWs file till the truth is revealed and that he asked angerily from the Israeli foreign minister to open an investigation about the crimes against the POWs

while the second appears laughing with the Egyptian foreign minister saying that her meeting with him and the jordanian foreign minister was historical with no mention what so ever to the requests or the demands of the Egyptian minister !!

anyhow I don’t care about this minister’s demand because really Egypt won’t close or forget the rights of its sons and this is what this website is doing

If the minister said so ,it would be great but I hope he is real and honest about it because from the pictures of the press Conference in Cairo I see them so happy

Link to FilBalad.News | أبو الغيط : مصر لم ولن تغلق ملف الأسرى حتى يتم كشف الحقيقة

 Photo Source : Getty Images

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This is the result ,do something for God Sake

Ok we waited along and our officials are speaking nonsense ,ignoring the solid facts they have under their noses ,and what we got now instead an accusation that Egyptian army killed Israeli POWs in the 1973 war !!

Despite this news will make people laugh especially the military who fought back in 1973 , who know very about the 5 stars treatment the Israeli POWs got but I know that internationally we will find ourselves in the position of the victimizer instead of the victim, the shifting of truth will place and the Zionist lobby is there to help

For God Sake let the remainings of the officers in mass graves out let it speak and scream , let be their DNA .

The Israeli POWs had trips to visit Egypt famous sights when they were in our hospitality !!

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Petition for defending the POWs rights

This is an Arabic petition to the Head of the lawyers syndication in Egypt  in order to handle the POWs case nationally and internationally

Already I expected  this to happen sooner or later and despite its national flavor it is good to have

Please sigh it because it is important to gather ourselves more and more to get the rights of those innocent people

It is a try

And the one thousand miles walk starts with a mile

Link to نطالبكم بالدفاع عن حقوق أسرانا القتلى Petition

Back to business

I don’t know if I should be very thankful to the first channel in the Israeli TV for broadcasting “Rush Shaked” {The Spirit of Shaked} ,or what since then the reports began to run in cats and dogs

Hopefully the Egyptian Government would something real this time