Dayan Rock as a memorial for the Egyptian POWs

Moshe Dayan and the IDF left a very ugly memorial dedicated to 11 IAF pilots who were killed in 1967 in Al Arish at Sheikh Zowaid area. It is a rock scribed on its faces the names of those Israeli pilots who shut down by two Egyptian pilots in the six days war.

It is very provoking to all of us especially the people in Sinai.This is a memorial of an ugly invasion that should be removed , I do not think that in France there is a monument for the Nazis !! ??

What makes it worse is that in that particular area not less than 200 Egyptian POWs were killed in a cold blood by the IDF deliberately.

Dayan´s rock  in Al Arish
Dayan´s rock in Al Arish

The land where that memorial is located,is owned by Shaikh “Ismail El-Khataby” . Shaikh “Ismail” wants this memorial to be removed from his land that buried many Egyptian POWs and drunk from their blood in 1967. Shaikh “Ismail” is suing the Egyptian government and is not giving up till it removes this ugly provoking piece of rock from his land.He does not want any more Israelis to come and to pay respect to their pilots over the dead bodies of our men

Shaikh “Ismail” who was a member in the National guards in 1967 still remembers till now the massacre he witnessed against the Egyptian officers ,soldiers and even civilians at Al Arish, he witnessed how the Napalm was used against the Egyptian Civilians and military  alike on the 5th of June 1967 and the terrible massacre against the Egyptian POWs behind that ugly rock at the same location , in that terrible massacre not more than 200 Egyptian POWs were killed from the bank after their surrender to the IDF !!

He and another great Egyptians from the people of Al Arish buried those beautiful Egyptians by their own hands in that area and this is why he believes it is an insult to those Egyptians to have that memorial on the same land that holds them in.

I have better suggestion , instead of having that memorial dedicated to the IAF pilots ,why we do not change it to dedicate to the thousands of Egyptian POWs who were killed in 1967 in the great city of Al Arish , we got many artists I am sure who are ready to remove all those scribed on the faces of that memorial to become Egyptian.

This is a memorial on an Egyptian land and thus it must respect the feelings of the Egyptians , we will not glorify pilots who used to bomb our cities and people with Napalm for God Sake !!

Source : Wald El-Bald {Here are the most beautiful Egyptians rest}