Rush Shaked in English

The Third scene

The documentary again shows us the banquet that gathered the veterans of the Shaked Unit who were bonded by blood and duty towards Israel

  1. Daniel Ankar “lieutenant colonel served in Shaked from 1962-1965 as trace tracker” mentioned that When the six days war happened ,the mission of Shaked was to confront the Egyptian Commandos in Sinai ,and after the war was finished ,Shaked was ordered to track down an Egyptian Commandos unit that had been in Gaza Strip and withdrawn to Sinai
  2. Baruch Aurene “Reserve Major” served in Shaked from 1961 to 1974 and now he is a farmer
  3. David Amir “Reserve lieutenant Colonel” served in Shaked from 1962 to 1972 and now is an economist
  4. Yariv Geruschne “Reserve Major, served in Shaked from 1961 to 1968 and he works now as a manager in the Start off company” before joining Shaked, he was an air force fighter “Geruschne was the only veteran whose face was covered in the documentary and his testimony is the one we care for here” Geruschne said that he was given two planes one helicopter and one piper ,those two planes were used to track down the Egyptian commandos to eliminate and kill them , he said too that he had attacked them and they used to write down the number of the killed on their pants

The narrator of the documentary then said that after two days of fighting they counted the number of the killed and they were 250 soldiers.

Geruschne completed his testimony in more details saying that they should consider this as an important matter and say to what extent it was exaggerated, as there had been forces that did not represent any danger to them that they attacked them from above

The documentary then showed couple of photos for Egyptian soldiers surrounding and raising their hands, those photos were taken by the Israeli soldiers themselves

Geruschne also said that most of the Egyptian soldiers were scared in general and some of them hid in sand holes and that they found and killed them

He also recounted in details that in the end of the war of 1967 they found the Egyptian Commandos group at the Gaza borders after two days, they were 250 soldiers, they knew that those soldiers were afraid that some of them hid in the sand holes

Ben-Eliezer talked about this incident and said that they had suffered a lot from that Egyptian unit that it could not be let to withdraw with its weapons and so it had to be chased

Geruschne then continued his talk saying that they were working under the stress and pressure of that unofficial and unorganized operation that no one could explain it and that Everyone participated in the operation was working under that pressure of the moment and did not wait for orders.

Youfah Golan “Reserve Colonel ,served in Shaked from 1962 to 1975 ,he was an ex-commander general of armored brigade and now he is a businessman” said that he took his car and he was then a reconnaissance officer, he went to Al-Qantara and kept moving forward there as possible

The documentary showed a part of the famous speech of Gamal Abd El-Nasser where he said his famous words

“What was taken by force will return by force”

The documentary then showed the war of attrition and the role of Shaked unit in it along the Suez Canal front

Ben-Eliezer said that the Unit stopped the Egyptian forces from entering Sinai, they chased them and killed many of them in Sinai and that they provided enough security for the IDF in Sinai

Youfah talked again saying that they reached to different places and when the war was intense the small officers had to make decisions

In the end, the objectives of the battles were taken by the army ,not by political leadership which should have determined them and more than that the end of the war was left to the small officers whom by their turn were not able to imagine or weight the situation.

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