A letter from a Palestinian Child to the US President

To the leader of the free of world : Barack Obama

A letter from a Palestinian Child to the US President

This is a letter from a Palestinian Child who does not have clear definition for terms like “terrorism” and “peace”.

I am sure the Palestinian children like Gamila, Louai and Samar have similar letters to President Obama.

Please spread this letter to president Obama.

This letter encouraged me to send a message to President Obama:

Dear President Obama  as you are working to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp ,I only ask you that the United States would stop exporting incendiary weapons to Israel like the DIME , I do not ask you to stop supporting Israel whether by money or by arms despite I know in this critical time in the American history each penny from the tax payers money the American citizen deserves now more than ever, more than Israel and more than Egypt and Pakistan.

President Obama you are father for two beautiful little girls and I believe you know how it feels when you know that your child is hurt, thousands of Palestinian children have been hurt by weapons like the DIME and WP in which former President Bush made sure to supply Israel with. You correct his mistakes , please correct this mistake

If you do this sir and order that no incendiary weapons will be exported to Israel because they use it against civilians ,then be sure sir that you won’t need thousands interviews like Al Arabiya to send a message to the Arab and Muslim world saying that the American people are not our enemy.

Mr.President you are not our enemy but all what we ask that you would be a fair friend to us as you are to the Israelis.

Egypt will never forget you

Exactly from one year I began to think why we always to forget our POWs , one year ago to be specific one year and a day as I remember , when I watched in the popular TV show “10 PM” an interview with veteran and POW “Fouad Hagzy” ,I can’t forget a single word from what he had said about his terrible experience whether from capture or prison in infamous “Atlit”, the Nazi Middle east camp ran by Israeli defense army .

That episode was a turning point , I didn’t sleep that night as I kept thinking and imagining every word he said ,it was before the July Lebanon war and even before that I wondered why the world doesn’t know about this human tragedy , why does the world seem to forget ?? but I remember very important fact that the world doesn’t read Arabic , I don’t mean the governments, forget the world governments they got their own agendas ,I mean our friends in the world who protest all the over the world for our causes ,I don’t think any human being with values and morals would accept to do nothing for those who were killed even from 40 years ago ,at least he would respect them , at least he would know that they were not the terrorists with no morals at that time , at least he would know that they were humans and deserve some respect

I felt they shouldn’t be forgotten because simply Egypt didn’t forget them , these words were told by Fouad Hagzy’s friend in “Atlit”

I told you Egypt won’t forget us

He told him that when they received the Egyptian aids from the red cross ,for months those pows were considered missing and killed in action till Israel was kind enough to inform the red cross that 5500 officers and soldiers were in one of its Nazi concentration camp in the north

This word touched everyone whether Mona Shazely when he said , or the ladies of my family or me ,it will make cry , sure it will

Egypt won’t forget us 

It is just like some kind of magical words and yes Egypt didn’t and won’t forget them but its people may forget them because of life and their own struggle

I don’t know but I feel as an Egyptian blogger who succeeded among others to break the media siege in that part of the world where she lives to give to the world the real image of her country at least from her views and beliefs in the rights of freedom that it is my duty to make the world not forget about the massacres of more than 150,000 Egyptian POWs in the six days war

I don’t expect that from what I will do Israeli generals will be presented to courts from war crimes against humanity ,I am not that dreamer , but I expect that may be one or two in that world outside the Arab world or even inside as the young generations seems to be having some kind of memory loss will read all what I gathered from information regarding those innocent men and believe that it wasn’t fair and those men deserve to be remembered in prayers

These men are not less the Korean sex slaves in WWII , these men are not less the Armenians who were killed in last century , these men are not less then the Jews who were killed by the Nazis , I don’t underestimate or overestimate they are all humans and for me as a Muslim it is prohibited to kill unarmed whether a civilian or a military and believe if I tell you I consider the Egyptian Nasserist regime to be more guilty than the Israeli defense forces , of course the IDF is not that angelic hell no !!

I can’t be described as anti-semi simply because the victim and the victimizer are from Semitic origins , the cousins ironically Ben Eliezer who headed the infamous Shaked unit and killed countless number of POWs in Al-Arish is an Iraqi originally  !!

When I speak and say that the IDF were like the Nazi I don’t mean to hurt anyone but this is a fact the Israeli Defense forces act in the six days war like the Nazis killing and torturing the Egyptians in a very sick way , the Israeli soldiers and forces became exactly as those Nazi who they swear to fight their racial principles ,but suddenly they become so blind with their hate to the Arabs and Egyptians that they forgot that they just became like the Nazis in their blind hate !!

In the 1980s some Egyptian Soldier called Soliman Khater killed on the borders 5 Israeli soldiers and Israel didn’t shut up till it took from Egypt millions as compensation for the families with an execution to Khater ,here we don’t ask for money , Egyptians don’t ask for money as compensation for their martyrs no we don’t , we just want those criminals who committed crimes against our men to stand in front of justice , an international court in front of the whole world and see what they had done from 40 years ago