The Shaked Spirit attacks

oh boy for months I was searching for this documentary and now I got it not only the complete Hebrew but also the Arabic translation for it ,at least to the important part where the Shaked Veteran confessed that did kill Egyptian POWs or as they described a frightened hiding in the sand commandos group !!

Already this is from El-Mahawar Egyptian Channel special coverage in Arabic “Special thanks to Abood84cc

I would like to hint that I got the complete episode of Dream Channel 10 PM special coverage about the POW but unfortunately I can’t upload it because it is too big and also the small parts of it are not accepted in Websites like Meta cafe ,already I don’t understand why they refused it ,they are accepting bad quality videos and useless videos , don’t talk to me about the copyright all the Arabic section in Meta cafe is taken from Arabic channels !!


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Exclusive : The Complete Shaked documentary

Thank God thousand times at last I found the Israeli documentary that caused all the buzz in Egypt and Israel

The one time Showed documentary Shaked in Hebrew “unfortunately”

First I must thanks “Kabeer El-Motashardeen” and also I must thanks the man who got the documentary in the first place “Cruel World

For now it is in Hebrew , but I promise you I will translate the whole script which “Cruel World” was nice enough to translate in to Arabic in to English

Here is the film ,I am adding here in the front page along with the other films in the films section in 1967

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The big day is coming

الذكرى الاربعون قادمة فى  اقل من 24 ساعة و انا على استعداد لها

الحمد الله تمت اضافة العديد من المواد فى الفترة الاخيرة

اولا تمت اضافة القانون الاسرئيلى فى قسم القانون حول جرائم الحرب

ثانيا فى قسم حرب 67 تمت اضافة اقسام مهمة جدا

عن عدد الاسرى و عن بعثة الاهرام المنسية و الادعاءات الاسرائيلية

فى قسم الافلام تمت اضافة تقرير قناة الجزيرة حول حرب 67 مع شهادة مهمة للغاية لاحد المحاربين

Ok the 40th anniversary is coming just in 24 hours and I am ready for it ,there are already several updates in several sections

First of all the Law section is updated to include the Israeli Law

Second there is a page I think you must all read in the 1967 concerning the number of our POW,it is very very important please read till the end and tell me what do you

Third I made a section to answer back the Israeli counter allegations regarding the mistreatment of Israeli pows in Yom Kippur war.

Fourth I added the Al-Jazeera short special report about the 1967 six days war , where the guest a war veteran shares his memories including being an eye witness for terrible war crimes ,unfortunately it is in Arabic ,it is in the film section.

Fifth I added a page to the 1967 file regarding the forgotten Al-Ahram newspaper expedition back in year 1995.

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Need your help “in Arabic”

شباب فى منكم اللى يعرف انى من الناس اللى مهتمين جدا بقضية الاسرى لدرجة انهم قرروا يعملوا حاجة  دلوقتى انا محتاجة مساعدة منكم 

لو اى حد فيكم يعرف اى اسير سابق او محارب شارك فى حرب 1967 ارجوكم حاولوا تراسلولى شهادته

انا اقوم بتجميع اكبر عدد من الشهادات الممكنة لترجمتها بالانجليزية لانى شايفة انحنا بقالنا زمن كبير بنكلم روحنا

الناس اللى بره ما بتكلمش عربى للاسف

انا لا انتظر من اللى باعمله يجيب حقوق الاسرى او اى حاجة لا سمح الله بس احنا مش اقل من الارمان و لا الكوريين الجنوبين و لا الصينين و لا  حتى اليهود علشان العالم ينسى اللى حصل فى حق رجالنا من 40 سنة

باعيد تانى الطلب

لو اى حد فيكم يعرف اى اسير سابق او محارب شارك فى حرب 1967 ارجوكم حاولوا تراسلولى شهادته

و شكرا جزيلا مقدما

First post

By the Name of Allah

This my first post in the new domain of the site hopefully insh Allah it won’t be the last ,I want to test several things now to move to another important things especially the pages

Second photo uploading



the smileys despite I know I won’t use them a lot in this website as the main content is not that pleasing 🙁

Bad News and Good News

I have got Bad News and Good News as I think I will start with the Bad news before the Good news as I always do

The bad news I found out that Egypt can’t use the international criminal court not because it doesn’t prosecute in the crimes that took place before 2002 but because Egypt already is not a member , The Egyptian government signed it but didn’t ratify on it till now ,same thing for Israel who accused the ICC to be influenced by some countries !!

You can check the updates in the Law section

The good news is better , in fact it is a scoop in my humble opinion

The USS Liberty again whose crew came supporting Israel and left attacking the IDF and its governemtn till now

The files and the records of the USS Liberty may hold the solid evidence that proves our men in Al-Arish were killed in what is considered in the international laws as crime wars , already it is proved in the congress records that there were mass murders occured against the Egyptian POWs Yes it is ,and you can check it here in this website for the first time in an Egyptian Website

I am so thrilled with the findings I found regarding the USS Liberty and more thrilled to tell you that this year more files and records will be released this year from the NSA according to the law

Please spread the news really spread the news it is very important

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Sorry for the lack of the updates in the past last couple of weeks I got busy with the referendum and the Arab Summit , the good thing that I got more and more coming in the way insh Allah

  1. The photos section in the 1967 is opened , from the photos you can see the huge numbers of the POWs and the humiliation they suffered from.
  2. The Laws section is updated with new information regarding the Camp David accords and the International crime court.
  3. The Al-Arish People testimonies section is also updated with several testimonies that go back to 1995

There is also a news update from Egypt regarding the official reaction , Mofid Shaab, the minister of legal affairs of the assembly said yesterday that Egypt requested the red cross to investigate the case officially, this statement came after accusations of the parliament members to the government and the foreign minister of being lazy

Source : AL-Masryon e-newspaper

Comment: This is not the first time Egypt requests the red cross to investigate and it is not the first time the red cross investigates the case ,it did in 1995 and already according to eye witnesses the red cross knew about the war crimes that happened in the six days war since 1967 , in 1995 they found mass graves and they didn’t do anything to be really mentioned .

Already this is not a bad step but not an effective one , it is essential to make the world believes us as our creditability is not as before and thus an international proof is required ,but we shouldn’t act as if it were the only way

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