Were they killed in 1949 or in 1906 ??

The Controversy about the mass grave in found in Eilat is not finished yet despite there is no more news about it in the media. The Controversy now is not about whether the remains in the mass grave were for Egyptian or Jordanian Battalion in 1949 , the nationality is not our issue here this time , the historians in debate agree that these remains were for Egyptian battalion yet they disagree to by whom or when that Egyptian Battalion was killed . Yes the general idea or assumption based on the fact there is not serious investigation in the site itself that that Egyptian battalion was killed in year 1949 by the Israeli forces still there is another probability that this Egyptian Battalion was killed in 1906 by the Turkish Othman forces.

It is all related to Um Rashrash village and its official history. Officially Egypt lost this village to Palestine according to order issued by the Othman Empire. Egypt according to history did not give up the village without a fight especially that the Othman Empire sent a battalion in order to control the village on the sea.

Late Egyptian historian Yonan Labib Razek who died last week said from couple of weeks ago that he believed they could be the Egyptian Battalion in 1906 who were killed by the Othman Empire Battalion.

Egyptian Historian Amr El-Nasharti also agree on this assumption despite that he did not deny the possibility that they could be killed in year 1949 by the Israeli forces

I will check by myself in the history books about the 1906 incident. Already for me whether they were killed in 1906 or 1949 ,whether they were killed by the Othman Empire Soldiers or by the the IDF soldiers as it is a war crime in either ways

Were they Egyptians or Jordanians ??

Do you remember the mass grave for Muslims in Eilat last month ?? Already  the Defense and National security committee in the Egyptian assembly should have discussed it yesterday ,unfortunately there were no news regarding this discussion as yesterday the El-Malt’s CAO report was the main topic in the media for the last two days and seriously I have to say it was much important and it is expected to take all the attention whether from the media or the members of Parliament.

On the other hand there is a great historical debate about the mass grave and its location , also it is expected thing , Um Rashrash is already a center of debate of whether it is an Egyptian land or not .

The historical debate started when 1948 veteran , free officers movement member and military historian General Gamal Hamad said to Gamal Hamad Masrawy website that those remains are not for Egyptian officers and soldiers and there was no Egyptian Battalion in the Um Rashrash village in year 1949 and that they were for Jordanian battalion

We did not fight the Israelis in any battle in the Um Rashrash region. These remains could be for Jordanian officers and soldiers as this region was following the Jordan

Of course the old veteran and famous military historian had contradicts totally with what the Front for restoring Um Rashrash is saying , especially the front includes many historians and many military personalities like General Saad El-Din Shazaaly.

Still it is very easy to know to which army those people used to belong to , through photos of their military uniforms or the remains of their uniforms to be accurate , also through the photos and the Holy Quran found in the site, we can know in which country it was printed and thus it will be an evidence for us.



Strangely there is no one from Jordan claimed that these were remains for Jordanian Battalion till now.

Anyhow whether they are Jordanians or Egyptians ,the war crime is still there ,  the evidence is still there.

More updates about the Mass grave in Eilat

First I did not receive yet from the Al-Aqsa foundation , hopefully they will reply on my requests.

Second the Al-Jazeera made a report about it

Third here are the new information and new photos

It is believed according to Al-Jazeera that this mass grave goes back to 1948 war between the Arabic armies and the Israeli Army. If this is true then we will have war crimes against the Arab armies older than 1956 committed by the IDF because according to the Al-Aqsa foundation which is the only Arabic Islamic party investigated the mass grave ,the position of the bodies and their remains go with the position of people who were executed ,someone must have executed them and according to the findings they were Muslims , they had not been shot by other Muslim Arabs for sure in 1948 as all the Arab armies were together not against each other

If these remains are for Arab soldiers killed in 1948 , they can be Egyptians , yes it will not change anything except the date

even in 1948 who was fighting in this area ?? some say they could be Jordanians and it is high probability still the location and how close it is from the Egyptian borders make me believe they will turn to be Egyptians

Still it is hard to determine this with the lack of historical accurate reports about the 1948 war , I feel sad that My grand father is not here as he was a military correspondent in 1948 , he could have helped me so much

Here are the photos


More bones


The Holy Quran , The Korsy Ayat , it is amazing how it is still there after all these decades whether it goes back to 1948 or 1967

6 October war1973 – Yom Kippur 1973 website

The only and the first website in English from its kind , May ALLAH bless the one who made it , bless his hands to stay all that time to do that wonderful job ,seriously yes it is an old fashioned website and needs a new look but it is a great golden mine

The Egyptian Perspective as you never seen before ,I recommend you to read what is in the website especially regarding the gap 🙂 dedicated to all those skeptical out there

6 October war1973 – Yom Kippur 1973

there is another Arabic version from the website in Arabic

I will copy these parts from the Questions sections to clear my point regarding the gap “Defersoir operation”

Had the Israeli crossing westwards the canal realized the military objective of Israel ?

The objective of Israeli crossing from the east (Sinai) to the west was to:

– Bombard the missiles batteries anti-planes “Sam
– Occupy Ismailia city, to encircle the second army by Sharon’s forces.
– Occupy Suez city and encircle the third army by forces of Avraham Adan and Kalman Magen.

But Sharon failed to occupy Ismailia city and the same with Adan and Magen to encircle third Egyptian Army and occupy Suez city.

About crossing to the west of the canal, David Elazar chief of Israeli headquarter staff on 3 December 1973, says:

Sharon still continues his irresponsible declaration to journalists trying to lessen the role of other leaders to appear as an unique champion, although he knows well that our crossing to the western side of the canal caused too much losses.

However, we could not along ten days of fighting to overcome any of Egyptian armies. The second army resisted and prevented us ultimately to reach Ismailia city.

As for the third army, in spite of our encircling them but they resisted and advanced to occupy in fact a wider area of land at the east. Thus, we can not say that we defeated or conquered them

My comment : This is not the first time I read an Israeli accusation to Ariel Sharon to act in an irresponsible way for own his personal glory , that was already mentioned in the book “The eve of destruction

Amazon.com: The Eve of Destruction: The Untold Story of the Yom Kippur War: Books: Howard Blum

ISBN: 0060014008
ISBN-13: 9780060014001

As you see the military objectives were not achieved at all ,so I do not know how this can be considered a victory in the first place !!??

From a Book “The fourth war” by P.Kumar Narayan.

As a result of disastrous losses suffered by Israel in equipment and individual, and under political, military and strategic pressure, and after the American airlift, Israel found a chance in its operation of El Defersoir at the west of the canal.

Therefore, it tried to encircle this operation by the largest possible propaganda to veil the size and value of losses caused to it as a result of the great success achieved by Arab arms. However, it became clear that this limited success relayed by Israel can not neutralize effects of the Arab military victory or veil the defeat of Israel.

Tens of questions were raised about the Defersoir operation ( The Gap ) many running after the Israel propaganda tried to use it as to justify despising the size and value of Arab military achievement, but we must confirm an important reality that all these questions and trials can not touch the value of this achievement, and can not hide the reality of political isolation in which became Israel.

Results of a war are measured by its general implication, by what revealed of comprehensive development and changes, and not by limited tactical guns and losses of this or that side which is a natural matter in any military operation

P.Kumar Narayan is an Indian Journalist seemed to specialized in middle east affairs , I could not find his book but I am searching for it right now

The victory becomes defeat thanks to the big Zionist media machine and to the great Arab mind set who likes the conspiracy theories and throwing treason charges like words so easily

Anyhow I recommend that you read it this wonderful website seriously and if you are convince with what is written in it or even if you believe it is good to read from both sides ,please spread it all over the web

The 1973 October War: The Egyptian Perspective

For all those who are skeptical about our victory please read this wonderful study by the American Major J.C. Moulton of United States Air Force from the Marine Corps University Command and Staff College published in year 1997

The 1973 October War: The Egyptian Perspective

Just read it carefully it is a wonder excellent analysis to the war of 1973 based upon the Egyptian perspective , again the one who presented this research is an American Major in the United States Air Forces

Please read it

And if you finish reading and you still have nothing to do , I will recommend that you read another study also from the Marine Corps University Command and Staff College ,this time the study was made by Major Ibrahim Al-Jowder from the Bahrain Armed Forces in year 1997

The 1973 October War : The Operational level

And more and more reading will not harm you at all , so I advice to buy these books and read it carefully then may be you will have a better idea of who really won the war back then

I mean if Israel had won the war , why such a book like “In the eve of  Destruction” was published !!??

Amazon.com: The Eve of Destruction: The Untold Story of the Yom Kippur War: Books: Howard Blum

ISBN: 0060014008
ISBN-13: 9780060014001

This book by the way is referring to the Ashraf Marwan “The In-law” , it is by Howard Blum by the way 1973 Men

Also I recommend you to read the book of General Saad El-Din Shazely “The crossing of the Suez”, the former chief of staff ,who has a very interesting official website

General El-Shazaaly was the smiling man on President Sadaat left hand

Amazon.com: The Crossing of the Suez, Revised Edition: Books: Saad El Shazly

ISBN: 0960456228
ISBN-13: 9780960456222

Last things here are the confidential documents released by the NSA of the United States , the National Security Archive after 30 years in 2003

Happy anniversary 🙂

حول السفينة ليبرتى About Liberty

السفينة التجسس الامريكية ليبرتى كما يعلم البعض تم استهدافها بهدف الاغراق من قبل القوات الاسرائيلية فى يوم الثامن من يوينو 1967

   و فى الفترة الاخيرة تم اعادة فتح ملف الاسرى و مرة ثانية تجدد الحديث  فى وسائل الاعلام المصرى و خاصة جرائد المعارضة عن السفينة ليبرتى و ذهب البعض الى الاستناج ان السفينة تم استهدافها لانها كان سفينة تجسس اعترضت و سجلت من رسائل بين الفوات الاسرائيلية فى العريش و القيادة الاسرائيلية فى ذلك الوقت و ان هذه الرسائل تؤكد وجود عمليات القتل جماعى للاسرى المصريين فى سيناء

هذا جعلنى ان ابحث فى المصادر المتعلقة بهذه السفينة بل و جعلنى ان ارسل احدى افراد طافمها الناجيين من الحدث كابين  جيمس اينس حيث درات بين و بينه مراسلات

اولا طابقا له كل ما التقته السفنية من ارسال كان سوفيتا

ثانيا القوات الاسرائيلية دمرت  حجرة الاتصالات و الاسلكى فحتى اذا كانت  هناك تسجيلات  حول شىء ما فانها قد دمرت تماما

 و لكن  

يعتقد جميس اينس ان ذلك الهجوم على السفينة حدث لان السفينة كانت على اقل من خمسة عاشر ميل من العريش حيث  تم قتل  ما لا يقل عن الف اسير فى العريش

و السؤال من اين اتى له هذا الاعتقاد !!؟؟

النقطة الاهم هو انه تم توثيق حدوث جرائم قتل ضد الاسرى المصريين من قبل القوات الاسرائيلية فى سجلات الكونجرس الامريكى فى  عام 2004 فى الجزء  الخاص  بالهوامش    “اعتذر عن الترجمة الردئية”

و قد تم  تسجيل هذا الاعتراف الذى يعد الوحيد عالميا ضمن نتائج  لحنة البحث المستقلة التى كانت  تضم من احسن ضباط الاسطول الامريكى و قد وردهذا الاعتراف كاسبب محتمل لاستهداف السفينة لكنه ليس السبب المحتمل الوحيد فرجاء عدم التسرع

هذا هو الجزء الخاص المتعلق بالاسرى المصريين فى السجلات الرجاء قراءة النقطة  الثالثة عشرو التى  ترجمتها حرفيا هى

لماذا تقوم اسرائيل عمدا بالهجوم على سفينة امريكية ؟؟ دافع اسرائيل لقيام بهذا الهجوم لم يحدد من قبل جديا .لذلك و جود تحقيق فرعى مهم .يوجد افتراض ان اسرائيل قامت باعراق  السفينة عمدا مع طاقمها لاتهتم مصر بهذه التهمة لادخال الولايات المتحدة طرف فى حرب  1967. يوجد افتراض ثانى هو ان السفينة ليبرتى كانت تحمع معلومات  حول نشاطات اسرائيل  لم تكن تريد الاعلان عنها ومثلا المجزرة الاسرى المصريين التى كانت تحدث فى ذلك الوقت فى سيناء او الغزو الاسرائيلى المؤجل لسوريا

لقد نشرت كل  ما يتعلق ن السفينة فى هذا الجزء باللغة الانجليزية و هذاهو الجزء المتعلق بالاسرى المصريين  

The 7th of June ; The civilians massacre in Sinai

Many of you think that militaries were only killed in massacres in Sinai by the hands of the IDF , well think again because there was the Faham El-Magrah Massacre in Sinai on the 7th of June 1967

Faham El-Magrah massacre

In the area of Faham El-Magrah where there are several mines a massacre took place there on the 7th of June 1967 where the IDF killed 272 Egyptian engineers and workers in one of the mines there

Of course that this is considered a complete violation for all treaties and all human values from treating the civilians during the war!!


Al Jazeera English – Focus – Egypt Veteran’s Fight For Justice

Al-Jazeera international report about the story of  two 1967 war veteran and what they suffered from mistreatment against all international and ethic laws in Atlit prison

Please read the testimony of Amin Mohamed Darwish

Al Jazeera English – Focus – Egypt Veteran’s Fight For Justice

Here is another testimony for an old Palestinian man Fares Salih ,it includes what happened in Gaza , it is very interesting concerning the looting and killing the Israeli soldiers and officers did in Gaza

The big day is coming

الذكرى الاربعون قادمة فى  اقل من 24 ساعة و انا على استعداد لها

الحمد الله تمت اضافة العديد من المواد فى الفترة الاخيرة

اولا تمت اضافة القانون الاسرئيلى فى قسم القانون حول جرائم الحرب

ثانيا فى قسم حرب 67 تمت اضافة اقسام مهمة جدا

عن عدد الاسرى و عن بعثة الاهرام المنسية و الادعاءات الاسرائيلية

فى قسم الافلام تمت اضافة تقرير قناة الجزيرة حول حرب 67 مع شهادة مهمة للغاية لاحد المحاربين

Ok the 40th anniversary is coming just in 24 hours and I am ready for it ,there are already several updates in several sections

First of all the Law section is updated to include the Israeli Law

Second there is a page I think you must all read in the 1967 concerning the number of our POW,it is very very important please read till the end and tell me what do you

Third I made a section to answer back the Israeli counter allegations regarding the mistreatment of Israeli pows in Yom Kippur war.

Fourth I added the Al-Jazeera short special report about the 1967 six days war , where the guest a war veteran shares his memories including being an eye witness for terrible war crimes ,unfortunately it is in Arabic ,it is in the film section.

Fifth I added a page to the 1967 file regarding the forgotten Al-Ahram newspaper expedition back in year 1995.

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Yom HaShoah of Egyptian POWs

Yesterday Israel celebrated the Yom HaShoah “The Remembrance day for the Holocaust and Heroism”.

I have nothing this and I am not from the camp that dedicated his or her to suspect that the Holocaust took place despite the fact I do believe it took place but in less number

Anyhow I wonder when we will have our “Yom Hashoah” in Egypt to remember the Holocaust victims of Egyptian POWs in 1967 , oh yes we had our own holocaust back in 1967

In Al-Arish and in Gaza cities as places

Egyptian POWs as the victims

and those who celebrated the Yom HaShoah yesterday the 16th of April as the victimizers

Please read this part from the Al-Arish people testimonies’ section and remember our officers and Soldiers who were burned alive and till now got now museum or a special day for remembrance

Link to Yom HaShoah – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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