Remembering the 1956 War POWs

Yesterday the world celebrated the Armistices day aka the remembrance day in several countries around the world like the UK and the States. Also in the Middle East Lebanese party and militia Hezbollah celebrated and remembered its men who were killed in action in the wars against the Israeli occupation to South Lebanon.

On this day I remember all the Egyptians who were killed and were captured during the 1956 Suez War especially in Port Said ; the great city which was nearly destroyed in the Anglo-French attack.

Also I will not ever forget those great Egyptian POWs who were slaughtered in a cold blood in Sharm Sheikh by the IDF.

I remember today our POWs in 1967 and 1973 too.

May be the government has forgotten our POWs , our heroes and our veterans but some of us have not forgotten them at all.

For those mothers

Yesterday Egypt celebrated its national day for Mother , the mother Queen Farida and Princess Farialday ,that day which the minister of social solidarity decided to rename it to become “The Family day” ,well it will be forever the “Mother day”.

Anyhow I did not write anything regarding that day yesterday because I was so tired but I think I should write something now , I will not write like the same old composition topics we used to take as home works in the school whether in English or Arabic  for example Write about your mother , the importance of the mother , the mother in religion ..etc

All of us adore our mothers , no question here

But I will speak about Mothers whom I should remind you with on this occasion. 

The mother of the 13 years old girl who was killed from two weeks ago by the IDF on the Egyptian Palestinian borders , the girl who was killed while she was playing … This is a mother we should not forget.

The Egyptian mothers who can’t find the medicine or even bread for their children because they can’t afford the prices, those mothers who sell their organs to feed their children.

The mothers of the Egyptian POWS who are still waiting to get back the rights of their sons for decades now

The mothers of those who were on the broad of Salam 98 who are also still waiting for justice.

The Palestinian mothers who are watching their children die on a daily basis.

The Iraqi mothers who are living in the fear that their children may not return back from where ever they are .

The Saudi mother of Fouad El-Farahan , the Saudi Blogger , who raised him to be patriot enough to dream for a better future for his country.

And of course the great Syrian mother of Tarek , the Syrian blogger , this fantastic woman raised him alone as a single mom whose husband was taken by the security forces from 20 years ago , now her only son was taken also away from her and this time because of some comment he wrote on the web .

These mothers we should remember on this occasion , even if it was late , sorry it is never too late to remember those great women , those great mothers

A red rose for all our heroes in their day

Today it marks the Martyr Day, today the 9th of March we celebrate in Egypt the memory of all those great men who sacrifice their lives  for Egypt , for all those great warriors who fall in our battles for freedom and honour , for liberty and greatness , those warriors who are the living proof that we have the best warriors in the world

A Beautiful red rose with the colour of blood to all those great men


Some people forget this day but I remember it

By the way the 9th of March marks the martyrdom of General Abd El-Monaim Riyad ,the Chief of Staff on the Egyptian Front at the Suez Canal in 1969 , this great man was a brilliant military general and it is enough to know that this man in the six days war made some small victories in the Jordanian front “he was heading it” . Already if that man were heading the Egyptian army in 1967 ,surely the result was different , unfortunately he was not the favourite type field marshal Amar respected !!!

P.S There is something strange in Egyptian National TV , they have suddenly remembered it , the TV presenters are wearing red rose !! Since when the National Egyptian became so patriot !!??

A March For Those Who Died For Us

Insh Allah tomorrow the 6th of October 2007 some Egyptian People will organize a march in the streets of Cairo from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM paying respect for those who died for us whether in 1967 from men who died in combat or as POWs or in 1973

It is event that had been organized for months now in the Facebook by a group of young people , the description of that event says the following:

On October 6th 2007, we will march through the streets of Cairo to pay respect to our POW s, martyrs and lost ones in the act of war, those who were sadly forgotten.

The time and place information of the event are as follows if you live in Cairo and interested whether to see or to be more active and walk for two hours  :

Time = 7.30 PM to 9.30 PM Cairo Local time

Place =AL Nasr St to Autostrad (El Manasa)

Meeting point= In front of the A-Ahly Club At Al-Nasr city

I will say the truth and I wish this works fine tomorrow because I know the restrictions of security nowadays , still it brings hope that some people really care to think in such a way