This is What the “IDF1967” Twitter Account Forgot To Tell the World About ?? “Graphic”

In this year’s six days war anniversary the Israeli Defense Army launched a twitter account “@IDF1967” in Hebrew to recount the events of the what happened in the war that changed the Middle East forever.

This account did not mention the documented war crimes committed by the IDF against the Egyptian POWs as well Egyptian citizens and Arab citizens in general during the war.

It neglected the fact that thousands of civilians in the Suez cities canal were killed in the air strikes of the IAF where the internationally banned Napalm bombs were used. Thousands of Egyptians were forced to be displaced.

Thousands of Egyptians were forced to be displaced.

This post is not about the Egyptian POWs but rather the Egyptian civilians who were killed in early days of June 1967 because of Israeli strikes on Suez cities.

The photos below are from a brochure called “This is Israel” which documented the IDF crimes and was published by The Afro-Asian People’s solidarity Organization in Cairo in Arabic, English and French. The photos are extremely graphic “+18”.

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Most of the horrifying photos and scenes came from Ismailia which had its share in destruction on that day.

The photos are not surprising or shocking to anyone who witnessed those scenes live early on 5 June 2013. “I remember seeing our neighbor headless outside our home while we are trying to escape the air raids” a lady who survived the attack on that day once told me.

Veteran journalists who covered the war in the Suez canal cities could not get over the scenes of children as well adults killed.

I dedicate this post for the Muslim brotherhood members who considered the anniversary of the six days war an opportunity to gloat. 

I dedicate this post to the IDF that this is trying to keep its crimes in the dark after all those years.

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