Another proof from #Israel about crimes against Egyptian #POWs

Israeli Website “Walla” published last Friday “12/10/2012” footage from a documentary filmed in June 1967 showing how the Egyptian POWs from soldiers and officers were abused by the IDF in Al Arish airport prison camp. It is horrible 2 minutes footage , this was just the tip of the ice-berg for real.

This footage shows clear abuse to the Egyptian soldiers and officers captured during the 1967 war. It is humiliating by all measures. It was shot on 8 mm film by Reuven Sela , an amateur photographer who was serving as reservist in the Israeli Air forces “IAF”

This footage is from a documentary called “This is us” that is directed by Eric Bernstein and produced by Eliav Liliti , it depends mainly on the footage filmed by amateurs in Israel on 8 mm cameras. The full documentary will be screened in Tel Aviv this week.

Already from the quality of underwear our men were wearing , I can tell many of them were officers. According to the testimonies I have read and heard through all those years , I found out that the IDF used to know and to classify officers and soldiers through the quality of underwear as the officers in Egyptian army used to wear high quality cotton underwear and the soldiers used to wear less quality cotton underwear , it was not only for humiliation.

This film is another condemnation from Israel itself to the behaviour of its troops during the 1967 war. The first condemnation was the infamous documentary “Shakid” 

This is another test for the new administration in Egypt , President Morsi´s administration. The Muslim brotherhood used to slam Mubarak for his stance from the POWs case , we will see what the brotherhood will do.

Al Masry Al Youm was the only Egyptian Newspaper that spoke about the documentary in Arabic as unfortunately the Egyptian media is focusing now on the domestic issues especially the latest debate about the public prosecutor’s position. Already I think Abdel Maguid Mahmoud can warm up again and open an investigation regarding this matter.

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