#9March : Martyr Day 2012

Happy Martyr Day to all Egyptians. Today is our National Martyr Day which commemorate the martyrdom of General Abdel Moneim Riyad on the Egyptian front on 9 March 1969. This day we will should pay respect to all our martyrs who died and killed for the sake of this nation and its people throughout history.

The Admin of the SCAF official FB page sent a salute to Egypt’s martyrs from the armed forces as well the #Jan25 Revolution on Thursday. 

Tahrir newspaper’s header included today a beautiful graphic showing the pictures of late General Abdel Moneim Riyad and martyrs from January 25th Revolution “Mina Daniel and late Sheikh Emad Effat”.

Egyptian martyrs

It is beautifully made. The newspaper also published a two pages report about the martyrs in Egypt listing examples from martyrs from #Jan25 revolution as well the martyrdom of General Abdel Moneim Riyad and Mohamed Kamel El Senaneiry from Muslim brotherhood who is believed to be killed from torture in Mubarak’s jails as well Shody Attiya , the martyr of the torture in 1960s , lawyer Abdel Harath El Madany who was tortured till death by Mubarak’s state security in 1994 and late Khaled Said.

The #Jan25 revolution martyrs mentioned in the report are Mina Daniel , Alaa Abdel El Hady , Sheikh Emad Effat, Shahab Ahmed El Siyad and Ultras member Mohamed Khaled

The Free Egyptian Party is organizing a march after Friday’s prayer from Kasr Al Nil bridge to Abdel Moneim Riyad’s statue in Tahrir square where it will put flowers at the base of the statue in a beautiful move.

There is a Friday prayer held today at the tomb of the Unknown solider in Nasr City which is aired on both National TV and Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr.

Tens of Egyptians have gathered in front of the tomb of Unknown solider already and there is a stage installed there but unfortunately it seems to be more of a Pro-SCAF event than a Martyr Day event !!

From Egyptian POWs

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