Egyptian POWs Website is back

Egyptian POWs website is back after nearly a year or less from technical problems and as neglect from my side to be honest. I could not find time to fix these problems except now.

A lot of things took place and happened since the last time I posted here whether in Egypt or the Middle East when it comes to POWs news. Aside from the Galid Shalit and Palestinian POWs swap and from shocking POWs treatment in Libya after the revolution , there are some updates to our file , the Egyptian POWs file.More dark secrets have been revealed through out the past year

Tomorrow is the National Martyr’s day in Egypt and today Field Marshal Tantawy and the military commanders of SCAF and Egyptian army zones put flowers on the tombs of the Unknown soldiers throughout the country. I wish that our Egyptian people will do this next year on their own. I think we should start with schools and teach our students to pay respect to our fallen heroes in wars and in our revolutions as well.

Today the newsreaders in Egyptian official TV wore a red rose like the red poppy. This is not the first time they do this during this time of the year.

A newsreader on Egyptian TV by tweep @Marwa_G_H

I am still fixing things in the Website so I am sorry in advance if you face any trouble.

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