New Book About Egyptian POWs

There is a new book that was published in Cairo from days ago about the Egyptian POWs , the name of the book “The crime of murdering the Egyptian POWs

The book’s author is researcher Abdel Razek Said Soliman and its introduction is written by Dr. Ibrahim El-Bahrawy who mentions in his introduction the “Fortunes of a fool” novel . The book which is an actually a study depends on the Israeli literature and how it showed incidents of war crimes against out Egyptian POWs.

The book also show examples of the Israeli literature that covered the 6th of October war.

The book is currently available in bookstore.

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  1. Hello. In 1995 when the first news hit regarding the Egyptian POWs, we, at the Legal Research and Resource Center for Human Rights issued three publications including this information: a People’s Rights issue in English with all the English documentation and translation [which I personally translated]; Hokook el Nas in Arabic with all the documentation and translations and finally a book called The Case for the Egyptian POWs.
    It had testimonies as told by POWs and also by Israeli soldiers and generals. We also included testimonies of former POWs whom WE had interviewed ourselves.

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