Huge Difference

One may wonder how the Egyptians treated Israeli POWs , Maj. Gen. Hassan Al-Gandali, a former chief of operations of the Egyptian army, said there were a number of Israeli POWs in Egyptian camps in 1973. “We were very much concerned about their welfare, though we were aware of the way the Israelis had dealt with our POWs under their custody,” Hassan said.

“As I was the chief of operations, I accompanied Egyptian Defense Minister Musheer Ahmad Ismail to the camp in which Col. Esaf Yagouri and 150 prisoners were kept. On seeing us the prisoners looked so terrified as they seemed to think that we were going to send them to the firing squad in return for what Israel had done to the Egyptian POWs in the past. On the other hand, Musheer told them that he did not blame them for obeying the orders of their superiors though it was to occupy a territory belonging to another country. ‘However, you will be treated in line with the Geneva Conventions. So you have nothing to worry about,’ Musheer said.

“Then he asked the commander of the camp about the sick POWs and took special care of them. He also ordered the camp commander to take the POWs for sightseeing in Cairo, including a trip to the pyramids and a boat ride on the Nile. After a few moments of disbelief the prisoners broke into a deafening applause. This is how the Egyptians treat their prisoners of war.”

From Israel’s Hush-Up Machine in Action : Denying story Israel executed Egyptian prisoners.

This is for those who wonder how things would be they were the other way around !!

Of course for those who may disbelieve Major General Al-Gandali I would like them to read the comment of Mr. Eran Jacoby

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  1. “This is for those who wonder how things would be they were the other way around !!”

    I am the one meant by this comment 🙂

    Well,I have no doubt we treated Isreali POWs quite well in 1973 ,but I am deadly sure it wouldn’t have been the sitution if we won the war in 1967 .As I wrote before ,the regime at that time used to torture and humiliate its own citizens,it couldn’t have by all means paid any respect to enemy POWs especially with having the same motive Israel had in reality : POWER ENJOYMENT

    1. I hate to disagree with you because in 1948 war itself Nasser supervised the POWs exchange in this war as I have once read in different sources
      Or better example , the Israeli POWs in the six days war itself , those 11 or 12 Israeli were captured returned safe to their families despite the fact according to your point of view Nasser would have impaled them but he did not despite he could and nobody would have known.
      You should not justify and say that it would have otherwise because Nasser was dictator or whatever because what happened can´t be justified regardless of what you think about Nasser and about his fiasco in 1967.Here I do not give a damn about Nasser , it is not a history blog , it is advocate blog for the rights of Egyptian POWs
      We do not discuss here political aspects and the Six days war , we can do it in our blogs because we are trying here to let the world know there were people who were killed by the hands of an enemy who wanted to break down a whole nation not only to destroy an army.
      POWs treatment is not set by the orders of the commanders but it is also set by the the morals of the fighters themselves and their values. The Egyptian value does not include hurting a POW

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