The Real Headline of The Week

After few hours Dostor Weekly issue will hit the newsstand with a new scoop that probably will cause a lot of stir in the Egyptian-Israeli relations. Dostor will publish astonishing details about a new POW mass grave found in Sinai supported by video and photos.

According to OnTv’s “headline” show  this mass grave is in the middle zone of Sinai. The middle zone of Sinai if I am not mistaken is at the Metla passages , already this is a strategic military zone in Sinai.
Wait for more coverage insh Allah.

I do not know yet the details and the background of this mass grave but I know that this area was badly damaged in the heavy rains that hit Sinai from couple of months ago so may be these heavy rains were not a curse but rather a bless as they revealed a hidden crime under the sand after all those decades.

Wait for more coverage insh Allah


Here is the episode of “Headline” show discussing the Egyptian POW mass graves found in Sinai with Egyptian journalist Wael Mamdouh of Dostor.Unlike what I though earlier these mass graves were not newly found , they have been known all the time by the locals in Sinai as they used to bury our men properly after the departure of the murderers. Wael Mamdouh documented everything including the remains of the POWs cloths found in the scene and kept by the locals besides their testimonies. Until this moment the locals there know the names of the officers who committed these crimes and are ready to testify against them.

A very interesting piece of information Mamdouh found in his research that the Israelis did not care that much to hide their crimes against our POWs in Sinai because they thought that Sinai would be theirs forever but after the 1973 war and also during the Camp David negotiations they began to fear that their crimes with their hard evidence would be exposed and thus they found a way to hide it, they planted landmines in the big cemeteries !!

This is just the start

8 thoughts to “The Real Headline of The Week”

  1. The major fault is not that of Israel , it is that of the Egyptian Military leadership in 1967 …..!!! they gave an impression that these souls are simply worthless!!!

    1. and unfortunately the current political military leadership is continuing in doing the same thing by neglecting the rights of those POWs

    2. How exactly was the Egyptian military leadership in 67 responsible for Israeli war crimes? I understand and agree that both military and political leaderships were responsible for the defeat for the lives lost in battles, and for the disastrous withdrawal. But it’s Israel’s full responsibility that its forces committed war crimes forbidden by international treaties.

      1. @Tamer Mowafy:

        Nobody denies Israel’s responsibility for these massacres,but I am fully sure that the Egyptian Nasserite Army would have committed even worse crimes to Israeli POWs if the Israeli Military leadership had treated its forces so carelessly ….!!!! It is an indirect message that these young men are simply worthless…!!!!!

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