Stop using the word “terrorism”

I am tired of the hypocrisy of the IDF , whenever anyone brings up their war crimes against humanity ,it starts speaking about terrorism with all it different kinds including the legal terrorism !!

I am not surprised that Liron Liebman ,the head of IDF’s military prosecution’s international law department to defend his army but I am afraid is that his focus only was about the IAF pilots who threw WP on civilian and UN targets.

The IAF was not the only force that committed war crimes in the Gaza that should be punished for , the IDF was involved.

Also regarding the mistakes as he liked to call it

"It’s impossible not to make mistakes in such a crowded environment, under pressure. There’s a large gap between mistakes and the ‘war crimes’ people like to accuse us of."

I do not think that such a crime of targeting babies directly could be a mistake , this is not a mistake at all , this is a war crime.

I do not think that shooting Samar and her sisters directly was a mistake, it was a war crime according to the international laws.

This is not terrorism, this is justice. If following the war criminals in the IDF is a legal terrorism why then the Israelis follow the Nazis up till this day even after this death is considered justice !!??

2 thoughts to “Stop using the word “terrorism””

  1. Well let’s say now that things are not against International Laws now, they are against Humanity as a nature, these are not war crimes, these are crimes against the Human Race, a real equivalent to Aliens Invasion.

  2. to be accurate Mohamed it is equivalent to the Nazis , the Nazis did the same so they consider themselves different !!??
    It seems that this time they are in a very deep trouble thank God

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