Another important testimony from important witness.

He is a native Egyptian from the tribes of Al Arish.His testimony is very important because not only he is witness to what happened in 1967 and the occupation years afterwards , but he also was a victim of the IDF war crimes for many year.Shiekh Mahmoud El-Sawukra

Sheikh Mahmoud El-Sawurka , the most famous Egyptian prisoner in the Israeli prison , who spent 22 years in the Israeli prisons witnessing all horrors and crimes that took place against the Arab political prisoners . Even his body became a map for the physical torture and abuse he saw on the hands of the Israeli forces.

Regarding the POWs massacres in Al Arish , the old Sheikh fragile sheikh still remembers the burial places of the Egyptian Soldiers remains , where the great locals of Al Arish buried our soldiers ; after all those years.

He also shared terrible memories about the massacres that took place in Al Arish

Sheikh Mahmoud said that the IDF gathered a large number of Egyptian soldiers at the area of Abi Sakal , where they buried them in the Sand letting only their heads out , then they would burn them till death while they are alive.((This is constinent with other testimonies from the locasl in Al Arish that our soldiers were buried and burned alive))

He also mentioned another sorrowful incident where the Egyptian soldiers were gathered and put on the ground and then the Israeli tanks would walk them , killing them for sure and they were alive . ((This also goes with the other testimonies from the locals in Al Arish especailly in the Tafah area , the testmonies also say that it was Ariel Sharon who gave the orders to the Israeli tanks to move on our soldiers ))

Sheikh Mahmoud who is from a very famous tribe of El-Sawurka of Al Arish was arrested for being a part of the resistance against the Israeli occupation .

Again I do not know why the Egyptian Government does not listen Shiekh Mahmoud El-Sawurka’s testimony , after all that the man that gave his life for Egypt ,was member in the resistance and the Government did a great job to get him back

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  1. It sounds horrible! I hope god will punish the persons behind such a evil!

    Why have I never heard about this episode in the news ?

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