On the 4th of June From 41 years ago

On the 4th of June From 41 Years ago ,the Egyptian soldiers and officers were in Sinai waiting for a battle they did not know when it would happen , some of them had some confidence that we would win , others did not know whether we would win or lose.

On the 4th of June 1967 all the Egyptian Soldiers and officers did not have an idea of what was going to happen the next day , they did not know that the hill doors would be open and they would witness and be part in one of the most worst military defeat in the modern history.

They also did not know or imagine for one second that they would be victims of a terrible enemy that did not know any laws or morals.

I know that there were officers who had dreams that they would spend the summer in Haifa on the 4th of June and I also know that there were officers who had dreams that they would be another 1961 war alert and no actual war would take place and thus they would return back to their homes and families safely. I Know that there were huge numbers of young men from the country side whether from Nile Delta or Upper Egypt enlisted as soldiers ; who arrived in Sinai without their miliatry overall that did not know what they were doing there.

I know that back in Cairo the commandership whether the political one or the military one had their own battle between them to be busy in the real battle. I know that the Political leadership represented in Nasser did not believe that Israel would attack  ((according to his own early statements to the Egyptian air forces))and the military leadership represented in Amar  believed that after the war he would be ruling the whole middle East not only Egypt

It was only matter of hours that dreams would come an end and a nightmare would replace them , a living nightmare that parts of the Arab world would suffer from till now

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