The administrative court for the second time : It is the responsb

For the second time the Administrative judicial court obliged the foreign ministry and its minister to return back the rights of our 1956 and 1967 POWs. The court also said that it can’t sue the Israeli Ambassador as he is enjoying diplomatic protection where as the Israeli prime minister and minister of defense can be sue.
This is the second court rule for the second time.
some families of the POWs are currently suing the Israeli government and ex-prime minister Ariel Sharon and current minister Ben-Eliezer using Rush Shaked documentary as an evidence.
The case is in front of the courts since last year and it was always adjourned or transferred to another kind of court.

Another important testimony from important witness.

He is a native Egyptian from the tribes of Al Arish.His testimony is very important because not only he is witness to what happened in 1967 and the occupation years afterwards , but he also was a victim of the IDF war crimes for many year.Shiekh Mahmoud El-Sawukra

Sheikh Mahmoud El-Sawurka , the most famous Egyptian prisoner in the Israeli prison , who spent 22 years in the Israeli prisons witnessing all horrors and crimes that took place against the Arab political prisoners . Even his body became a map for the physical torture and abuse he saw on the hands of the Israeli forces.

Regarding the POWs massacres in Al Arish , the old Sheikh fragile sheikh still remembers the burial places of the Egyptian Soldiers remains , where the great locals of Al Arish buried our soldiers ; after all those years.

He also shared terrible memories about the massacres that took place in Al Arish


Yossi Sarid’s testimoney about the Shakid affair

Yossi Sarid Yossi Sarid is a leftist Israeli who used to be a Knesset member  a former minister and long time member in the Merertez-Yachad leftist party in Israel. Mr Sarid said in interview with Egyptian Daily Al Ahram last year 2007 that the Israeli army executed 250 unarmed Egyptian soldiers at the end of the 1967 war describing it as a war crime. Despite he did not see the controversial documentary that opened a big wound for Egyptians yet he said that he was aware that that the Israeli troops carried away out war crimes against Arab Soldiers in that War.

He may believe that it would be hard after 40 years to punish them but he was sure that history would not let them go.

Well for sure History won’t let them go with all the war crimes that they have done.

Mr.Yossi’s testimony is not the first from its kind in Israel. It is enough that those who committed the crimes in 1956 and 1967 confessed .

I do not know what the Egyptian regime needs more.

On the 4th of June From 41 years ago

On the 4th of June From 41 Years ago ,the Egyptian soldiers and officers were in Sinai waiting for a battle they did not know when it would happen , some of them had some confidence that we would win , others did not know whether we would win or lose.

On the 4th of June 1967 all the Egyptian Soldiers and officers did not have an idea of what was going to happen the next day , they did not know that the hill doors would be open and they would witness and be part in one of the most worst military defeat in the modern history.

They also did not know or imagine for one second that they would be victims of a terrible enemy that did not know any laws or morals.

I know that there were officers who had dreams that they would spend the summer in Haifa on the 4th of June and I also know that there were officers who had dreams that they would be another 1961 war alert and no actual war would take place and thus they would return back to their homes and families safely. I Know that there were huge numbers of young men from the country side whether from Nile Delta or Upper Egypt enlisted as soldiers ; who arrived in Sinai without their miliatry overall that did not know what they were doing there.

I know that back in Cairo the commandership whether the political one or the military one had their own battle between them to be busy in the real battle. I know that the Political leadership represented in Nasser did not believe that Israel would attack  ((according to his own early statements to the Egyptian air forces))and the military leadership represented in Amar  believed that after the war he would be ruling the whole middle East not only Egypt

It was only matter of hours that dreams would come an end and a nightmare would replace them , a living nightmare that parts of the Arab world would suffer from till now

This is a war crime

Oh boy we are in the sad June with its terrible memories regarding our slayed POWs and Civilians in the desert Sinai and here we are with this new scandal , which I am not surprised at all to know about.

Thank Goodness that people now speak and confess

Please check this confession for an American Soldier regarding what the U.S army does with the Iraqi and Afghani civilians dead bodies .

There should be an international investigation about these crimes.These are war crimes by all measures