New theory about USS Liberty

The USS Liberty is from one of the enigmas in the six days war , it may be related to our case here and it may not. The theories about reason behind the Israeli attack on the warship did not stop till now

Beside being a possible indirect witness to the mass murder operations of Egyptian POWs in Al Arish , USS Liberty was intended to be a pawn in a bigger chess game , a bigger conspiracy between the United administration at that time and Israel.

In fact it was based upon an older plan the United States administration or rather the old hawks had put during the Bay of the Pigs and Cuban Missile crisis era,the same plan which resurfaced again among the 9/11 conspiracy theories that says the United States administration would send military units “without the knowledge of the people nor the military elements” to some place and sabotage them accusing their enemies of its destruction to the level that would give it the excuse in front of the American public and international community to go to where against these enemies.

I will not go any further but I recommend that you watch this little clip from the USS Liberty Memorial website , it seems that Egypt the whole world survived another world war

8 thoughts to “New theory about USS Liberty”

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  2. Without doubt, the video presents a theory. But for the most part, it is nonsense produced by Alex Jones — the person who moderates the video. The video contains much speculation, half-truths and a few grossly false statements.

    Believe nothing that you hear only only half of what you see.

  3. @Ken , it is not about Alex Jones , but also I read that claim in some books , anyhow there is something I do not understand easily which is already they hit the ship so why they did not go further in the plan !!??

  4. Zeinobia, I have seen nothing to convince me that there was a plan beyond simply attacking and attempting to sink the ship. After an hour passed, the ship was still floating and had established communications with Sixth Fleet. At that point, it was fairly clear who was performing the attack. To continue the attack beyond that point would have served no purpose and made it extremely difficult to explain as being due to mistakes.

    Believe nothing that you hear only only half of what you see.

  5. @Ken , I mean why they attacked it , already it seems that the commandership and leadership back in D.C knew exactly what the Israelis were doing ??
    the americans knew that Nasser would not be able to answer back any attack and already the tensions started between the Israelis and the Syrians

  6. Zeinobia, According to the Israelis, the IDF mistakenly attacked USS Liberty because they believed she was an Egyptian warship.

    Many people do not believe the attack was a mistake, and there are many theories for the attack’s motivation. If it is true that the attack was not a mistake, then only a few people in the IDF know for certain the reason for the attack.

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