More updates about the Mass grave in Eilat

First I did not receive yet from the Al-Aqsa foundation , hopefully they will reply on my requests.

Second the Al-Jazeera made a report about it

Third here are the new information and new photos

It is believed according to Al-Jazeera that this mass grave goes back to 1948 war between the Arabic armies and the Israeli Army. If this is true then we will have war crimes against the Arab armies older than 1956 committed by the IDF because according to the Al-Aqsa foundation which is the only Arabic Islamic party investigated the mass grave ,the position of the bodies and their remains go with the position of people who were executed ,someone must have executed them and according to the findings they were Muslims , they had not been shot by other Muslim Arabs for sure in 1948 as all the Arab armies were together not against each other

If these remains are for Arab soldiers killed in 1948 , they can be Egyptians , yes it will not change anything except the date

even in 1948 who was fighting in this area ?? some say they could be Jordanians and it is high probability still the location and how close it is from the Egyptian borders make me believe they will turn to be Egyptians

Still it is hard to determine this with the lack of historical accurate reports about the 1948 war , I feel sad that My grand father is not here as he was a military correspondent in 1948 , he could have helped me so much

Here are the photos


More bones


The Holy Quran , The Korsy Ayat , it is amazing how it is still there after all these decades whether it goes back to 1948 or 1967

2 thoughts to “More updates about the Mass grave in Eilat”

  1. This finding must be actively raised in the Egyptian media to get the Egyptian Government involved and ask for an investigation on how these soldiers died. Any militiary historian should be able to identify the soldier’s country from the remaing clothes and other items described.

    I am surprised to have first read this in ALJazeera website and not heard it on the news anywhere !
    If you want to contact the Aqsa foundation then please call them, their number is on the website.

  2. Thanks ya Ahmed , already I am just surprised like you that there is nothing in the media whether in newspapers or in TV , even the independent newspapers and TV channels
    What you said is what should happen ,anyhow we should not depend on our government ,we must keep it alive this time because this is a golden opportunity to prove that the IDF had committed war crimes

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