A possible Egyptian POWs mass grave in Eilat

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Third , I know about this news from couple of days “thanks to dear friend Wael Abbas but I did not publish anything because I did not have any information  more than that the Israeli press was speaking about mass grave for Egyptian POWs  found in Eilat / Um Rashrash in Israel , and so I could not publish anything without any confirmation especially I felt that it could be among the current war of the words between the Egyptian regime and the Israeli officials.It seemed illogical to me that the Israeli Press itself would speak about Mass grave for the Egyptian POWs inside Israel itself proving the occurrence of war crimes ,it did not make a sense not to mention I searched every single Israeli newspaper on the web and I did not find anything still I kept it in my mind

Today I found that this news may hold part or most of the truth according to the short article published by Daily El-Masry El-Youm Egypt’s best selling daily newspaper .

It turned out the Al-Aqsa Foundation for the Reconstruction of Islamic Sanctities had discovered an unknown mass grave for Muslims in the city of Eilat. I checked from the official site of the foundation and found more interesting details about the incident

  • On the 27th of December 2007, one of the Israeli workers in a site planned to be a Jewish Cemetery found bones ,skulls and a knife, he reported his superiors ,still they continued their work
  • In the evening of 28th of December 2007,information arrived to Sheikh Ali Abu-Sheikha that the Eilat city workers had digged unknown grave containing remainings of Muslims in a site the city was planning to use as a grave yard for the Jews and Non-Jews
  • On the 29th of December 2007 , in the early morning a group from the foundation went to see the site and investigate these claims which turned to be true , they found an Islamic mass grave there ,1 with bones, skulls and other human remains , they were sure that this is a mass grave for Muslims because they found parts from the Quran with remains of military clothes and boots ,they documented the findings with photographs and video films
  • After a short time officials from the city came and told the group from the foundation that they found the Muslims remains fragmented all over the location
  • On the 31st of December another bigger group from the foundation went to investigate more in the location where they found more of the remains , more of bones ,more of military clothes and they believed those remains were for Muslims who could have been executed
  • On that day the foundation sent a call to all the Arabs and Muslims in the world to share any information regarding the cemetery or the mass grave
  • On the 31st of December 2007, the foundation succeeded in taking an order from the court in Eilat to prevent any further construction works in the site to be activated since the 1st of January 2008
  • Now the site is recognized as an Islamic cemetery protected by the Israeli laws the only thing remaining in the puzzle is to know who were those people in the past

You can find more about the foundation and what it had done from their official website here and there in Arabic language.

Now to what We conclude from all this :

  1. We can’t be certain that this is 100% mass grave for the Egyptian POWs as long as there is no further investigation from the Egyptian Embassy which is representing the Egyptian State , there must be accurate scientific investigation with the help of international forensic detectives to be neutral and investigate in the manner ,already this is a golden opportunity because if it was truly a mass grave for the Egyptian POWs then it will be a war crime committed inside the Israeli borders
  2. Still we can’t deny that all the description and details of the mass grave go with the description and details of the mass graves of the Egyptian POWs found across Sinai
  3. The location itself goes with the stories of the ex-POWs as Eilat was among the concentration points the IDF used to gather the Egyptian POWs in before transferring them to Atlit ,and already they killed some of the POWs just for fun according to the surviving accounts in these points.
  4. Also the specific location of the mass grave, as far as I know it is in the controversial village of Um Rashrash((This village is on the borders and is said to be an Egyptian land, there is a large dispute about it in Egypt regarding it)) , Um Rashrash is very close to the Egyptian-Israeli current borders on the Aqaba Gulf near Taba
  5. The bodies and the remains of the bodies from the bones in the military uniform are not usual things , first of all they can’t not be from the IDF , the IDF buries and buried the Muslims who served in the army in well known cemeteries ,also most of the Muslims who served in the IDF were from the North of Israel, this is in the south of Israel and the location seemed to be forgotten with no remarks what so ever , this is an old mass grave made from very long time made to be forgotten ,in a hurry that those who made it did not care to inform the Israeli authorities about , already who made it for sure are Israelis because since 1948 this part of land was under the Israeli control and no Arab army as far as I know entered it                                          
  6. Who used to wear military uniform and was close to Eilat or from Um Rashrash ?? The Egyptian army , you can’t say they were from the PLO because the PLO were in Gaza and they did not have a complete unified uniform like the Egyptian army
  7. Who used to be executed while wearing military uniform and buried in mass graves with no reference at all ?? No one except the Egyptian POWs
  8. Still with all reasons, we will not be certain 100% to claim our right back except by the following : inspecting the remains and asking the surviving POWs if they know anything about this place 

BY the way I sent an email to the foundation asking them for more details and pictures of the cemetery in order to show here and to show to the veterans they can recognize the uniforms and boots better than us

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