Exclusive:The way to Atlit

Thanks to our dear friend O2A I was able at last to find Al-Jazeera’s very important documentary “The Way to Atlit” , before there was “Rush Shaked” there was “The Way to Atlit” , the “Way to Atlit” was a special episode from the Al-Jazeera’s famous TV Show “Top secret” which is presented by “Youssry Fouad”

This special episode is very important as it includes Israeli testimonies from historians and veteran officers too from inside Israel , this is beside the Egyptian testimonies from veterans of 1956 and 1967 wars

It is very rare episode and it was hard to find , in fact it is miracle to find it now

You can find it here in the the film section

Please spread the news as much you can

2 thoughts to “Exclusive:The way to Atlit”

  1. Are you speaking seriously ??
    we shot our own troops , it seems that you did not read what is said here
    killing our own troops ,for God Sake ,did they kill 300,000 Egyptian POWs ??
    what about those misfortunate in Atlit ??
    What about those who killed in Al-Arish ??
    please stop these lies

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