Minister Shahab : Egypt did not close the 1967 POWs file

Egyptian Minister for the parliament affairs and NDP member Mofid Shahab assured in his meeting with youth in Alexandria that Egypt did not close the file and that Egypt demanded both Israel and the UN which represents the international community to investigate the matter !! With a request to the UN that it would form an inquiry committee for the case !!

And that Egypt waits the results of these investigations to know the truth about what really happened to her soldiers and to punish those who did those crimes if they are proven to take place !!

They are proven to take place !! I am sorry but this is an accusation to the POW of 1956and the veteran 1967 of being liars then !!

I don’t know how on earth we would trust Israel in its investigation , they will not criminalize their army legends like Biro !!

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10 PM Special episode with the Egyptian POWs

At last I was able to upload the fantastic episode of popular TV show on Dream TV2 “10 PM” with the Egyptian POWs to

This episode is very important ,the guests were former Egyptian POWs in 1967 and citizens from the Al-Arish city

It is in Arabic language for now

These clips were added to the the video section which I made some changes for it ,so it won’t be over crowded , the 10 PM Special Episode with the Egyptian POWs is now in the Dream TV section in the video section , I also made a special section for the “Rush Shaked” documentary for its importance

Hatshepsut and the Egyptian POWs

As you may have heard Queen Hatshepsut mummy was identified last month in Cairo by the Egyptian Egyptologists and doctors who used the DNA technique.

Now this interesting and great discovery can be helpful in our case ,the case of the Egyptian POWs

The idea was said in popular TV show on the National TV “Talk of the town” ,when one of the viewers send a suggestion that we can use the DNA technique to identify the remainings of the POW in the desert of Sinai in places like in Al-Arish

The TV show hosted a medical doctor who confirmed that it can be used to identify the remaining bones of the POWs so easily and already was used in several similar cases in the world

Now this is an excellent idea that will relief thousands of the families in Egypt , till now mothers don’t know where their sons are or what happened to them , yes they know for sure they were dead after decades of waiting and hoping

I don’t understand why the Egyptian government does not do such a thing , at least it will know then who those anonymous men that were buried across Sinai

May be the government does not want to do so because this will open a door for inquires may be and they are not ready to just to face this open door !!

I think that this is what Queen Hatshepsut would have done if she had been in the place of the Egyptian government

New updates

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  • First I added to pictures to the hero Mohamed Mahran section , one of them is very rare and I have to thank Dr. El-Shaer for letting me to use it , it was taken for the hero Mahran when he was being transferred from Port Said to Malt , the second one is the photo of Mohamed Mahran right now ,I captured from his interview in “10 PM” TV show on Dream last November 2006



  • Second I am working on two interesting doumentaries ,one of them I promised you to upload from several months but I could not due to its large size but thank God I am working on minimizing it ,it is the special episode of popular TV show “10 PM” with the Egyptian POWs Veteran , the second ,well the Second is a surprise , huge one and I thank My dear O2A for helping me to find it

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