What we can do ??

What can we do to the POWs in the 40th anniversary of the six days war ??

Well we may not able to make the Israeli government admit the guilt and the crimes they had committed against our men but we can do several other things

First we can make noise to let the world know

exactly what had taken place from 40 years in Sinai and Israel from war crimes against humanity and international laws 

  1. you can take stories from here as you want “it will be nice if you link back”
  2. You can put in your website ,blog,forum signature a banner from the banners available in the Join us section.
  3. You can put a red rose tomorrow in your cloth ,or even a pin with a red head , anything red ,small one will do the job

Second we can make something for the POWs themselves , it is not that big but it is simple very simple

Just remember them in your prayer today , whether by reading just one chapter of the holy Quran or by lighting up one candle

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