Big fight in the assembly because of the POWs

Unfortunately I missed watching this session of the Egyptian assembly on air yesterday , now I guess it was edited to remove all what happened in it .Yesterday Foreign minister “Ahmed El-Gait” attended the meeting with the assembly members to discuss the updates of the POWs case and to discuss his statement about it , yet it didn’t go easy at all , it turned in to some kind of war of the world between the foreign minister and the MPs to become a historical session as the for the first time a foreign minister in Egypt would face such attack in the assembly.

The MPs accused the minister of ignoring the case where as the minister defended his position explaining the difficulty of the case as we can’t go to the international criminal court because it doesn’t look in cases that took place before the year 2002 , fact that is mentioned in the law section

Since then the arguments began ,the minister also hinted to fact I didn’t know before that if we want a special criminal court like the court of the war crimes that happened in Yugoslavia needs a special order for the security council and of course this would be like a mission impossible as the minister hinted.

It will be met with a veto from some of the permanent member countries in the council , if not most of them or all of them ,I don’t need to speak more.

 This did n’t like many MPs especially the minister was nervous that MP Mohamed Abd El-Fatah Omar from the National Security committee asked how , the minister answered angrily that because we have relations with other countries and we don’t need to burn it and that he couldn’t speak in front of the television and media, then the minister paused for a while and asking again even more angrier whether if the MP needed to know why the Russian federation would refuse and that he wouldn’t say because of the television , the head of the assembly Fatahi Sorror said that he could order to make it a close session but the suggestion was refused “well thank God it wasn’t accepted because then we couldn’t know exactly what happened in that stormy session”

The arguments continued and turned in to a confront between the minister and MP Rageb Hamida reached to the level that Minister “Abu El-Gait” described the talk of the MP as “Nonsense” which made the later answered or rather fired back saying that the Minister was a “Nonsense man” with a support from the other MPs that made both the head of the assembly and the minister of the parliament affairs try to calm things down.

And they succeeded in that thank Goodness. The foreign minister than apologized for his behavior and confirmed that he and the Egyptian foreign ministry refused to get one penny from Israeli as compensation for the POWs of 1967 and 1956 As if Israel is ready to pay !! because

Egypt is one who pays for its sons who scarified their lives for her !!

Already he didn’t shut here ,but continued saying what made the headlines in newspapers like Daily El-Dostor as a parody

I was going to kill myself from sadness on what happened for the Egyptian POWs on the 10th of June 1967

Just for the record the Egyptians didn’t know what happened to their sons on the 10th of June 1967 because the war was just started on the 5th and President Nasser presented his resignation on the 9th and after that there was the mini war between Nasser and Amar ,So I don’t know how he knew about what happened to our men in Sinai in that short time !!

From their side; the MPs accused the ministry to be weak that it gave up the Egyptian rights for the sake of Israel to the extent that our diplomats are being attacked abroad and that Saudi Arabia took the leadership from us and they requested that the statements of the Foreign ministry to hold some more dignity and strength than what they are now.

The head of the Parliament “Fatahi Sorror” said that he requested from the Euro Mediterranean parliament to investigate the case and requested also from the Egyptian parliament to form a  permanent committee ,its membership will include the MPs and officials from the Foreign ministry to document all the evidences that prove the Israeli guilt.

As you can see it was one hell of a session , you know I am surprised that MP “Mustafa Bakery” wasn’t among the angry MPs !!

Seriously if you want my opinion technically what the Minister said about the international court and the security council is unfortunately true ,already you can check the Laws section to know more and of course we don’t need to speak about the Israeli influence in the security Council , it is enough now that last year the security council did anything against the Israeli crimes in Lebanon because of the American support , it is something well known

But I disagree with him regarding the compensation , those men and their families are not less than the Holocaust victims and survivals with my all respect to them

Also I agree that the minister and the ministry are not doing their job as expected from them not only regarding this sensitive issue but other issues that made Egypt actually to lose its position in the Arab world to the Saudi Arabia.

Another thing I don’t respect the circus that happened yesterday starting by the minister and the MPs ,seriously the assembly has traditions to be respected

Link to FilBalad.News | حميدة لوزير الخارجية : أنت رجل “مهياص”

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