10 Billion for the 1967 POWs ,but what about the 1956

More than 20 members in The Egyptian Shura Council requested the discussion of the Egyptian Official policy regarding the 1967 Egyptian POWs issue. They also wanted to study the possibility of having a suite case in front of the Egyptian courts against Ban Eliezer , the minister of housing in Israel and the former Shaked unit, who was accusing of murdering 250 Egyptian POWs during the six days war, they wanted to know the policy of the Ministry of Justice in having law suites by the general attorney against Eliezer according to the panels law if the massacre happened on the Egyptian land

They demanded too Israel to pay 10 billion American dollar for the 1967 POWs who were murdered by the IDF in Al-Arish.

The head of the Shura Council “Sawfot El-Sherif” sent these requests to the Arabic affairs and Security committee

Well this is fine and good but what about those who were not killed in Al-Arish ,those who were killed across Sinai not to mention those great men who were murdered in the 1956 Suez War !!!

Another thing Eliezer won’t think to put a foot step in Egypt after the request or the demand ‘you can call what ever ‘ of General Omar Soliman not to visit Egypt sooner or later and there is even fear in Israel that he can be arrested if he comes to Egypt so what is the use

The best way is to good outside not inside , going international instead of national

Link to FilBalad.News | الشورى يطلب من إسرائيل 10 مليار دولار تعويضات لعائلات ضحايا أسرى 67

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