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Dear Nowarah Nagam , the daughter of two of my favorite icons in Egypt “Ahmed Fouad Nagam” and “Safinaz Kadem” made a wonderful move to encourage the people not to forget the POWs case again , to be active , even in the weakest way , by sending emails to dozens of international personalities from Congress men,organizations and TV networks

So here I am requesting from you the same thing just copy and past the following Email body

In 1967, in an ugly war based on fraud and trickery, Israel had managed to inflict defeat to Arabs, and captured a number of Egyptian fighters, tortured them, subjecting them to humiliating and inhumane conditions. After that, Israeli forces killed 250 of them in the most insulting and brutal way, violating all international and even Divine laws and norms. Israel did not comply to one item of the conventions of the United Nations concerning the treatment of prisoners. In a blatant defiance of the international community and all humanitarian values, Israel has recently published a documentary presenting the worst crime committed in the twentieth century, and had reviewed all the details of its crime against Egyptian soldiers, flouting the feelings of the Arab people, and aimed at undermining security and stability in the Arab countries in general, and in Egypt in particular, which is committed to the peace agreement concluded with Israel, but Israel did not seem willing to commit its part. We the Arab people, we call on the international community to move to deter Israel and the demands in a nutshell : • The international tribunal has to investigate the killing of Egyptian POWs in 1967. • Accountability all those responsible for the massacre. • Israel is to pay the necessary compensation to the families of the victims of the hand, the Egyptian State on the other hand showing respect for the prestige and status. • That Israel would offer a formal apology to the government and people of Egypt for crimes perpetrated against our prisoners. • That Israel would offer a formal apology to the government and people of Egypt on their own offer the viewer and the insistence of painful thoughts. • Prohibits the publishing of those scenes in any channel information into account to the people of Egypt and families of the victims. We also call upon all the honorable lawyers in all parts of the world to embrace our cause and file a lawsuit against Israel, which tramples upon all that is humane and moral and legal. We demand justice that conform to international law, which applies to all world countries except Israel. We wonder, Isn’t it about time for the international community to hold Israel accountable like all countries of the world?

Just the copy the following in the body of the Email , in the subject write down “Egyptian POWs”

In the address well you write copy and paste these

Come on guys we should make more and more noise , we can do it

Link to جبهة التهييس الشعبية: عاجل: بقى هالله هالله ع الجد والجد هالله هالله عليه

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