Good but it can be better

Ok this is a good sign , but not enough. Yesterday the spokesperson of the Egyptian Presidency Ambassdor Soliman Awad that the presidency is following the file of the Egyptian POWs and already assigned the foreign ministry to follow the case .Also the presidency understands and respects all the public anger for the blood of our POWs

This is a good sigh and for record it is the first since the issue was brought to surface since 1995 but it is not enough

I mean the foreign ministry in Egypt which is assigned from the presidency requested from Israel to investigate the inicdents!! With my all respect to the foreign ministry and its minister but Israel will never lead a serious investigation that will condemn its army in the end and its general and public figures to appear as war criminals

plus I can’t understand why we rely on Israel we got enough evidence for fair and solid accusations according to the international laws

first it happened on Egyptian land

second it is against international laws

third the mass graves and remainings of the bodies are still there and that is enough for accusation

fourth we got testimonies enough to head for the War crimes IJC

fifth it is not about 250 who were killed by Shaked there were thousands in 1967 and 1956

Al-ahram coverage in Arabic

Link to المصريون – صحيفة يومية مستقلة in Arabic

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2 thoughts to “Good but it can be better”

  1. I need help in spreading the word that there will be a a march on the 6th of October 2007 to pay our POW’s and martyrs the respect they deserve. I think it’s about time we get together and march for a cause. I’m looking to get media all over the event, thus I’ll be able to get sponsors to help us make it through the march (e.g water companies, food, hospitals, etc..)

    If you can help me please reply on my e-mail:
    [email protected]

    Thank you

  2. It is a good idea Mohamed but I prefer if it will be on the 5th of June 2007 because it will remark the 40th anniversiary of the six days war , but it is excellent idea ,the only problem can be in the security authority I don’t think that they accept the idea of a march for the POWs
    yet I am glad to help in any possible way

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