A change in the name

I changed the name of the website from the POW files to the Egyptian POWs , already insh Allah I intend to make the domain I am going to buy to be “Egyptian POWs” , I would like to hint that the one who reminded me about the name of the website is my dear Egyptian Sweet friend blogger “Blue

Another update now comments are working , well I guess

These are the still of the updates today

  1. The Laws section is updated with the Geneva Conventions and
  2. A new section in 1967 war section is opened regarding the Atlit prison  

From an other side , several Egyptian civil and human rights organizations requested the general attorny in Egypt to include 14 Israeli former members of the Shaked unit in the waiting lists in the Egyptian airports for arresting them in case they come to Egypt.

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2 thoughts to “A change in the name”

  1. Zeinab,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I too suspect they will, but I intend to do it even if it ends up with me and a few of those willing to take the step. We can march on both days,I mean, I don’t think that we’ll have better things to do! The website is a true contribution and I love the spirit you have.

    Mohammad Foda

    P.S: I replied on hotmail but got a message saying that sending failed.

  2. don’t mention dear Mohamed , you have a good spirit and idea and I welcome so much a march on both days because we really need to remind people what happened on them
    thanks again
    by the way there is something wrong with the email I will check it again

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