10 O’Clock

Yesterday there was a very important episode from the popular prime Time News show “10 O’clock” on Dream TV 2 ,really a great work they had done in the channel , they hosted former POWs , a historian and a civilian lady from Sinai , who shared their terrible memories , very terrible and sad , I mean it is enough to hear their testimonies in order to open a serious investigation. Any how the good news I succeeded in capturing parts of the episode on my handcam ,yes don’t even ask , so couple of days I will upload the video , already I write down the script of the episode too insh Allah. The photos appeared in the show were few ,two or three I didn’t see before , I got more photos ,I hate to say also ,there were photos from Gaza in 1956 war that is not related to the 1967 war , I found them in Getty Images before , the good news I succeeded in captured parts of the “Rush Shaked” documentary , it turned out that the Information ministry in Egypt has got a copy that they gave to the Dream channel , also the Foreign ministry received a copy too.

Anyhow ,regarding the updates , well this site is updated daily and I will try to post the updates in the posts here in order to make it more easier to know the updates quickly