A letter from a Palestinian Child to the US President

To the leader of the free of world : Barack Obama

A letter from a Palestinian Child to the US President

This is a letter from a Palestinian Child who does not have clear definition for terms like “terrorism” and “peace”.

I am sure the Palestinian children like Gamila, Louai and Samar have similar letters to President Obama.

Please spread this letter to president Obama.

This letter encouraged me to send a message to President Obama:

Dear President Obama  as you are working to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp ,I only ask you that the United States would stop exporting incendiary weapons to Israel like the DIME , I do not ask you to stop supporting Israel whether by money or by arms despite I know in this critical time in the American history each penny from the tax payers money the American citizen deserves now more than ever, more than Israel and more than Egypt and Pakistan.

Egypt will never forget you

Exactly from one year I began to think why we always to forget our POWs , one year ago to be specific one year and a day as I remember , when I watched in the popular TV show “10 PM” an interview with veteran and POW “Fouad Hagzy” ,I can’t forget a single word from what he had said about his terrible experience whether from capture or prison in infamous “Atlit”, the Nazi Middle east camp ran by Israeli defense army .

That episode was a turning point , I didn’t sleep that night as I kept thinking and imagining every word he said ,it was before the July Lebanon war and even before that I wondered why the world doesn’t know about this human tragedy , why does the world seem to forget ?? but I remember very important fact that the world doesn’t read Arabic , I don’t mean the governments, forget the world governments they got their own agendas ,I mean our friends in the world who protest all the over the world for our causes ,I don’t think any human being with values and morals would accept to do nothing for those who were killed even from 40 years ago ,at least he would respect them , at least he would know that they were not the terrorists with no morals at that time , at least he would know that they were humans and deserve some respect